4 Factors to Choose the Best Tuition Centre For Your Child

From 2015, the demand of tuition centers has highly increased. According to an article in AsiaOne report, the Singapore tuition industry has reached $1 billion in past few years. However, it is not shocking news because the demand of science tuition has also increased and has good reason for this. As the examination is becoming difficult and competition is increasing day by day, students find it hard to stand in this competition without joining tuition centers. Educational institutes has become a necessity now and every student demands it.

As a parents, it is compulsory to find the right tuition center for your kids. But the question is how to look for the best tuition center in Singapore and what factors to consider while looking for the center that matches your needs. This article will give you 5 factors that every parents must consider while finding the tuition center.

  • Class Size

It is common question why class size is important? The answer is simple, in small classes students can get answers to their questions and teachers can give attention to every student. It result into more conductive learning environment. While in large classes, it is hard for teacher to give attention to every student and that lack of attention can result in poor learning of your kids. So it is good to have small classes instead of large classes.

  • Tutor’s Background

The next thing is to check the background of tutors. The ex-teachers and teachers currently teaching at schools are the best one as they have many years of teaching experience. An experienced teacher has industry knowledge and is way better than a normal tutor. They can easily clear the concepts of students as they know how to handle them. Furthermore, an ex-teacher can predict examination questions easily. With all these reasons, tutor background is necessary to check.

  • Teaching Style

There are three main learning styles that are visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic. You have to check which learning style your kids is comfortable with as it helps you to choose the right tuition center and tutor. Lets take an example, if your kid is kinesthetic learner, then he is more likely to go with hands-on activities. And if he is auditory learner, he will get benefits from verbalized and concept explaining teacher. And the last one is visual learner, if your kid is more attractive to graphics learning then you must go with the teacher who is teaching with visual learning.Read more about: snapinsta  Visit more here: igviewer

  • Types of Notes & Materials

It is important to check the notes and materials that teachers and tuition center use to teach students. You need to know what type of notes are issued to students. Are they made by experienced teacher or not? Are notes are specific to that tuition center? The notes that are made by professional teachers are of high quality as they made them according to their experience. Furthermore, the notes and materials are only given to the tuition center students which give edge to the registered students.


So these are some factors that we find important to tell you. They will help you to find the right science or maths tuition center and tutor for your kids. We hope these factors will help you in choosing the tuition center.

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