4 Home Fragrance to Entice Everyone this Winter

Winters are short here and we Qataris love to enjoy what little break we get from our blazing summer heat by rejoicing during the season. And we do love a reason to spruce up our homes and living spaces and bring in more energy. Here, we have compiled a list of things that you can add to do just that and make it more inviting for your loved ones, family and friends. Besides, getting out the cosy blankets and throws on your living room sofa, you can add beautiful candles and enchanting scents to create the perfect ambience. The best part is you can indulge in these little pleasures and make your home cosier and delightful without spending too much by shopping at Bath & Body Works online store. Let’s delight our senses this winter:

Single-Wick Candle

Picture this, you are curled up with your favourite book (even if it’s on your Ipad) on the couch with a hot mug of coffee, something seems missing. Add a single-wick candle and your room will be picture perfect and the beautiful scent wafting from the lit candle will soothe your nerves. Even when you are not using these candles, they look charming on your coffee table or bedside table as the candle jars feature cool and fun designs. Fresh Balsam, Frosted Cranberry, Sugared Snickerdoodle, Winter, Marshmallow Fireside are the regular favourites of homemakers and home lovers this season.

Three-Wick Candle and Candle Holders

A warm and cosy room can become magical with lit scented candles. And that feeling just multiplies when you light up three-wick candles in beautiful candle holders whether you are having a dinner date with your spouse or are entertaining guests at your place. You can place these candles on your dining table or the hallway table and give a warm welcome to your guests. For the scent to spread and linger in the room longer, place it away from air vents. Mahogany Balsam, Frosted Coconut Snowball, Snowy Peach Berry, Frozen Lake are just a few great choices with Bath & Body Works Promo Code Qatar.

Room Sprays & Mists

Refreshing and cool scents make a room very inviting and give your place fresh vibes without you making any other major changes. Pleasant scents have a calming effect on us that’s why choose only those scents that appeal to you and foremost make your home and living spaces inviting to yourself. There are so many home fragrances out there whether you love fresh, floral, woodsy or any other kind of scent, you should try out Linen & Lavender, Elderflower, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Midnight Orchid and Blackberries & Basil as you never know one of these might become your home signature.


If you want the room to remain fragrant for as long as you like then a wallflower is the perfect choice for you. There’s a chance you already have one but on the off chance, you haven’t then, go ahead and install one. Only two things are required, a fragrance made with natural oils and a wallflower plug, that’s all. It’s a great way to relax especially when you are alone and want to do some meditation or simply unwind after a stressful day, so go ahead and freshen your home with Snowy Peach Berry, Fresh Sparkling Snow, or Bergamot Waters. Of course, you can plug a wallflower up when your guests are around too and let them enjoy the fresh and positive vibes of your home even more.

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