5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Your Business

Are you a company looking to expand your brand? You might want to increase your brand awareness, drive sales, and grow your social media fan base.

Whatever your goal, social media influencers can help promote your brand. This article will discuss 5 benefits that influencer marketing can provide to your company.

More brand awareness

Awareness is at the very top of the marketing funnel. People can’t buy your products if you don’t let them know about your brand. This is a common goal of marketing campaigns, and particularly for influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers are able to increase awareness of your brand among their followers. They can also connect you with new markets and geographical areas. Let’s say your brand opens a location in a new area and you want to encourage people to check you out. You can get help from the city’s influencers, who will already have contacts in that area.

A larger following or more views

Influencer marketing can also bring in new social media followers to your brand. Your reach will grow and your audience will be more diverse with new followers. You will reach more people when you publish content or run an ad.

Social media followers can also give credibility to your brand. You find two new brands, and which one do you prefer? A brand with 300 followers and a brand that has 30K followers?

Following is a form of social proof. If people feel uncertain about making decisions, they will feel more confident if there is evidence that others have made the same decision. If someone discovers your brand for the first time, it will help to reassure them that you are legitimate by seeing how many people have followed you.

As you grow your following, you will also need to be more active in keeping them engaged. Your profile will suffer if they decide quickly that they don’t like you. Find out what content is most popular with your audience and invite them into the conversation. Fortunately, social media offers a wealth of ways to do this, like giveaways, FAQs, live streams, and more.

As a note, followers might not be the most important metric on every social network. For example, YouTube influencers may value overall views more than total subscribers.

Creation of unique content

It takes money and time to create content of any format. With influencer campaigns, content creation is a part of the package. This means that your brand receives influencer-created material that it can reuse to reinforce its own web properties.


Let’s look at an example. If an influencer posts a picture of your products, then you can use it in many different ways, like:

  • You could repost it on your own social media channels
  • You can repost it to product pages for the featured items.
  • You could use it in printed materials such as catalogs or packaging

For example, British retailer Boohoo uses content created by Instagram influencers in their Instashop. This allows customers to purchase influencer looks simply by looking at their posts.

An Instagram post from Boohoo’s Instashop. The influencer’s post appears with the items she’s wearing, which consumers can shop for in a few clicks.

Make sure you have the permission of influencers to republish your content.

More sales thanks to incentive

You can also use influencers to drive online sales. To do this effectively, you need to first understand your buyer personas. Then, find influencers who are able to connect you to your target audience.

Studies show that consumers trust influencers more than they trust brands: 61% of consumers will trust shopping recommendations from their friends, family, or influencers, but only 38% will trust brands.

If you are looking to increase sales, you can use influencers to gain the trust of your potential customers. Further, incentivize sales with influencer discount codes. These coupons give influencers’ audiences the opportunity to save at your store.

These 3 best practices will help you when creating codes

  • Use short, easy codes.
  • Use block capitals.
  • Identify the influencer.

A sample of an Instagram discount code for influencers. SOPHIELOUISE15, written in block capitals, is a short and clear way to identify the influencer.

Data also shows that discounts are more important than in the past, at least for 70% of US consumers. You can increase sales by combining this desire for discounts with the trust consumers place in influencers.

A fresh take on your brand

Another great thing about influencer content is the fact that it’s created outside your company. This allows you to get an outsider’s perspective on your brand, products, and services.

Influencers can also be a valuable resource for brands when they want to produce content about delicate social issues like Pride month. Influencers have the ability to share their expertise and experience to help you create content that is both sensitive and authentic.

Listen to influencers and take their advice into consideration when working with them. They might have suggestions or ideas for improving your content. You might be doing something wrong, or they may have some ideas of how you can do things better. Collaboration with creators can help you gain a new perspective and improve your work.


Influencer marketing can bring many benefits to brands. It all depends upon the purpose of your campaign. It is also important to find the right social media influencers, creators who have healthy performance metrics. and who are in sync with your brand, its mission, and its values.

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