5 Reasons Your AC Is Leaking Water and How to Prevent It

An air conditioner has become an essential household appliance nowadays. It cools the room so you can sleep comfortably. That is why you should not ignore if there is water that leaks from your AC.

Five reasons why your AC leaks water

Based on experienced aircon service professionals, there are five common reasons why water is coming out of your AC.

Dirty filter

The most common reason is simple—your AC needs cleaning. A dirty AC usually can be seen from its filter. If you do not clean your AC regularly, dirt will pile up on your AC filter. As a result, the dirt restricts the airflow and leads to ice forming on your evaporator coil.

As you can guess, after the ice melts, the water will find a way to get out of your AC. Hence, you see water leak out of your AC.

Cloggy drain line

Water can form within your AC. It is normal and will not be an issue if your drain line works properly. A drain line that functions properly will move water from your AC to a designated place outside your place.

However, it will not be possible if your drain line becomes clogged. The blockage within your drain line will postpone water from moving out of your AC. As a result, the overflowing water will try to find another way to get out of your AC.

Wrong installation

If your AC is a brand new one and you see water leak out of it, then the most common culprit is improper installation. For instance, incorrect installation can cause a problem, like water does not flow downwards. That happens due to the bad placement of drain lines.

You can prevent this issue from happening by going for a trusted company that offers reliable aircon installation.

Cracked or rusty drain pan

It is common to see wear and tear on your unit if you use your AC every day. The part of your AC that will have the most wear and tear damage usually is the drain pan. The everyday use may make them cracked or rusty.

If it is cracked or rusty, it cannot hold water as it should be. Thus, you will see a puddle of water on your floor.

Incorrect gas volume

Refrigerant or gas plays a big role in blowing cool air for your room. However, they need to be in the correct volume. A refrigerant volume that is lower or higher than the recommended range will cause issues in your AC. For example, the produced air is not cool, or water is leaking out of your AC.

Incorrect gas volume can cause water to leak out of your AC because there is a change in the unit’s pressure. That leads up to forming ice which will melt and cause overflow water.

A sign of this trouble usually also accompanied by a whistling sound from your AC.

How to prevent water from leaking out of your AC

As we mentioned, many reasons come down to how well you maintain your AC. As a user, you have to clean your air filter regularly. An aircon servicing in Singapore recommends that you clean it every 30 days.

Also, keep your AC in good condition by giving a call to HVAC professional every three months. Hence, they can perform regular maintenance and thoroughly clean your AC.

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