6 Ways To Prevent Dry Skin

Some people are more vulnerable to developing the issues of dry skin than others. Home remedies and specific gentle treatments can give you relief from dry facial skin. These treatments can also prevent dry skin from coming back.

Many women report issues of dry facial skin. Many factors are involved in causing dryness to your skin, like using soaps with some harsh chemicals and temperature changes. Some skin diseases like eczema can also cause dryness of your facial skin.

In most cases, people use different home remedies to prevent dry skin. They also take help from over-the-counter treatments. There could be many causes of dry skin that are discussed below.


Your skin produces sebum naturally. It is an oil present in the skin. If your skin starts producing too much oil, it can lead to pimples. But it is crucial to have some amount of sebum in the skin to keep it hydrated. Moreover, it also protects your skin cells from different infections.

Skin that has failed to produce enough sebum becomes dry. Your skin can be itchy. It can also look flaky. Some people report the appearance of red patches on the skin. Dehydrated skin does not have enough water in it. Moreover, it seems dull. 

Dry air, unbalanced skin pH, cold weather, washing your skin excessively, and exposure to certain harsh chemicals in the soap can cause skin dehydration. Other reasons that can cause dryness of your skin are smoking, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and atopic dermatitis.

If you spend too much time in the sunlight, you are vulnerable to a dry skin condition. You can use certain methods to treat your dry skin. It is essential to know the cause of dryness of the skin to treat it better. 

Treatments can vary in people because of different types of skin. The skin of individuals can be oily, dry, or normal. Following six ways will help you a lot in preventing dry skin conditions.

  • Using Gentle Cleansers

Remember that soap is drying and harsh to your skin. It is important to use a moisturizer cleanser to prevent flaky and dry skin. You can use your favorite moisturizer to avoid dryness on your skin. Try to use a moisturizer that has less fragrance or no fragrance.

Some people cannot use moisturizers due to breathing issues or certain allergies. In this case, we recommend you use a moisturizer and soap without fragrance. Some soaps are harsh to your skin because they remove the lipid barrier and cause dryness. Do not use true soaps.

  • Thick Lotion Moisturizer

Some people have severe issues with dry skin. In this case, you have to use a moisturizer daily. If still, you are facing dryness issues on the skin, you can use a thick lotion moisturizer. Put it after the shower and reapply it many times a day.

  • Limit Your Shower Frequency

Some dermatologists recommend you limit the bathing. Others say that there is no problem in taking a bath two times daily. If you use a rich bath oil for bathing, it prevents your skin from dehydration. 

  • Use Warm Water Not Hot

It is essential to check the temperature of the water that you are using for your skin. Wash your skin using warm water. You should not use hot water on the skin. Do not wash the skin for too long with hot water. Try to keep a shower short. 

Make sure the water you are using is slightly cool. Use a towel after the bath to keep your skin dry. Rub the moisturizer on the skin after the shower.

  • Protect Your Skin Against Dry Air

Dry and cold air sucks the moisturizer from your skin and makes it chapped. It can even become cracked if it is dry severely. Manage your health issues that are involved in removing the fats from your skin. It makes your skin vulnerable to dryness.

  • 6.  Drink Enough Water

We recommend you drink enough water if you want to make your skin healthy inside. A healthy lifestyle is associated with your skin conditions. Do exercise, lower your stress level, eat well, and keep your skin, body, and mind healthy.

Do not expose your skin to sunlight for a long time. You can absorb the sunlight before 9 am morning and after 3 pm. It is not harmful to your skin. Taking care properly can prevent your skin from dryness. 

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