A Complete Guide to Neuropathic pain – Some Basics Revealed

Neuropathic pain can go away on its own without any treatment in most cases. It is a burning and shooting pain that disturbs the routine of a person. In some cases, it is chronic pain and needs medical attention. The major cause of this type of pain is the damage or malfunctioning of the nerves. In the event of an injury, the site and the surrounding areas are affected and the nerves are damaged. To get the treatment for neuropathic pain in Austin, you need to contact a reputed neurologist who can guide you properly. 

Causes of neuropathic pain

Some of the major reasons for this pain are elaborated below:

  • Alcoholism
  • Diabetes
  • Facial nerve problems 
  • AIDS or HIV infections
  • Injury
  • Thyroid problems 
  • Spinal injury

Due to this medical problem, a person may experience shooting and burning sensations in the arms, legs and other parts. Numbness and tingling sensation are other symptoms of neuropathic pain. After conducting an interview, your health care provider will examine you physically to diagnose this problem. He wants to know what triggers the pain and when and how the pain started. He may ask you to undergo blood and nerve tests.

Treatment of neuropathic pain

Mostly, the treatment starts with antidepressants as they relieve the nerves and give immediate effects. They start to work as soon as you take the medicine. However, many people need stronger medicines and painkillers. It depends on the severity of the problem.

If the pain occurs due to a medical condition like diabetes, it is suggested to manage the condition to alleviate the pain. In order to treat such a condition, you might need to contact a specialist who knows the history of the disease. In some cases, a pain management specialist gives you the following therapies to relieve the pain:

  • Physical therapy– In this, a therapist will guide you with the movements of various parts of bodies in a certain way that the nervous system is relaxed.
  • Acupuncture- This technique is used to get relief from the pain. In this, various pressing techniques are used on different pressure points of the human body.
  • Massaging therapy- In this technique, the entire body of the patient is massaged including neck, spine, legs, arms and hands. It improves the circulation of the blood.

The internet is the best way to search for a qualified and best neurologist in your town.

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