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What is an advocate for dogs?

Dogs come in contact with a lot of parasites. Dogs can get infections when they come in contact with parasites like fleas, earthworms, lice etc. This is not good for them, so they have to be prevented. They irritate dogs. An advocate for dogs is made of ingredients that must be applied to the dog’s skin to prevent the growth of parasites. These ingredients are effective against parasites and give the dog protection. The different parasites may include fleas, worms, heartworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms. An advocate is the best and the easiest way to get rid of these parasites. The advocate after application shows results in a few minutes. It kills the parasite. One must keep in mind that the advocate is only effective for a month and must be applied every month. The advocate not only works internally but also affects the external worms present on the dog’s body.

How does it happen?

When a dog happens to swallow worms or fleas, the fleas carrying the tapeworm babies may also enter the dog’s body. These worms start growing inside the dog’s body. These worms are very tiny. The irritation is caused when the worms try to stick themselves to the intestines or the body and cause an itchy feeling.

What are the symptoms of this problem?

This is a serious problem in dogs and shouldn’t be neglected. The owner must help the dog get rid of these parasites. One can see various symptoms caused by various worms. These are the most common symptoms seen in a dog.

The symptoms of intestinal worms may include dehydration, loss of weight, diarrhoea, pneumonia and blood.

What advocate must be used?

Advocates are made of ingredients that are effective against worms. These ingredients may vary from one advocate to the other. These ingredients break the lifecycle of the growing worm inside the dog. One must keep in mind and consult a vet before purchasing the advocate. Many stores sell these advocates. There are a variety of advocates. For example, an advocate product for fleas, worms and heartworms. Most products have an effect on the worms or heartworms for a month. These advocates are usually water-resistant. The product does not wash off during bathing. The advocate is durable and long-lasting. They are 100% effective. Advocates come in packs and are available for dogs of different sizes.They are effective on fleas, worms and heartworms. They are considered a form of a vaccine.

Where should the product be applied?

An important thing to be kept in mind is that the product must not come in contact with the eyes and the mouth of the dog. This may cause extra irritation in the dogs. One must make sure that while applying, the dog is standing. Some amount of the product must be directly applied to the skin.

These products are available for dogs of different weights as they have to be applied in different areas for different sizes. For example, if the dog weighs between 25 to 40 kg, then the product must be applied between the shoulder blades and along the dog’s midline at the back. For dogs weighing below 25kg, the product must be applied between the shoulder blades. You have to know about dog challenge.


If one loves their dog, then they must be taken care of the most. Dogs do not deserve irritation and infections. They only deserve love and happiness. If these symptoms are observed in the dog, purchase an advocate immediately and help the dog get rid of them.

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