Accidents involving rental vehicles continue to be a significant concern on the highways. According to a study published in the Journal of Advanced Transportation, rental automobiles had a higher risk of accidents per registered vehicle than other kinds of vehicles analyzed. Drivers may be less comfortable with their rental car for some reason, one of which is that they are unfamiliar with the car.

In the case of an accident involving a leased car, you must understand your legal rights and alternatives. While the claims system is similar to that for other types of mishaps, there are specific issues that you may encounter if you are involved in a rental car accident. According to an injury attorney in Ohio, there are three steps you should take if you are hit by a rented vehicle in this state.

When A Rental Car Accident Happens, What You Need To Know!

  • Stop Your Vehicle, Get Medical Attention, And Make A Police Report 

An automobile collision happens, and all drivers are required by law to bring their vehicles to an immediate standstill to communicate and share information. For those seriously injured in the accident, You should seek medical assistance right away if you suspect you have been wounded. 

An essential element to consider is, first and foremost, your physical and mental wellbeing. Even if your injury does not seem to be life-threatening, you must get medical assistance as soon as possible. Immediately notify the authorities of any injuries or substantial property damage that may have occurred due to the occurrence. This regulation applies to all forms of accidents, including those involving rental autos.

  • Pay Close Attention While Gathering Vehicle And Insurance Information

If you’re involved in an accident with a rental automobile in Ohio, be careful to collect as much information as possible. It’s one of the most challenging aspects of rental vehicle accidents to gather all the necessary information at the site. To name a few necessities:

  • The driver’s name, license number, and phone number;
  • the model, year, and state of registration of the car;
  • Rental automobile agency’s name; and
  • A complete record of the driver’s insurance coverage.
  • Consider The Insurance Claims Procedure To Be More Complicated 

The driver of a rental automobile is responsible for having enough insurance coverage in the same way that any other motorist on the road is. Although many individuals are aware of the insurance coverage available to them after being involved in an accident with a rental automobile, many are not aware of it. Aside from that, large insurance firms are more than willing to assign responsibility to third parties to decrease their liability risk exposure. If you can gather as much information as possible, an attorney can aid you in determining the best course of action for your situation. When filing a claim, you are not obligated to go through the whole procedure on your own. When you pick me as your automobile accident attorney in Toledo, Ohio, I will immediately ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation available for your losses as soon as possible.


Individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents may benefit from the expertise and experience of a personal injury attorney. They are devoted to aiding you and your family, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the accident or incident. Contact them right away to arrange a free, no-obligation case examination with them. There are many Law firms that defend persons who have been wounded in vehicle accidents, especially those that occur in and around the county where the event occurred.

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