Adverse Effects of Cyberbullying 

Cyberbullying means the sharing, posting, and commenting of negative, hurtful, false, and mean content with the purpose of embarrassing or humiliating someone. Cyberbullying is done via computers, mobiles, and other such digital devices. People can be cyberbullied over texts, social media platforms, forums, online gaming, etc. It is especially common among teenagers who are almost always online and active on the internet. As the use of digital devices increase, so does the risk of cyberbullying and الجرائم الالكترونية among children. Online humiliation and harassment leave the children terrified and depressed. Cyberbullying takes a massive toll on the mental health of children and has several adverse effects.


Cyberbullying occurs online and in cyberspace. In comparison to conventional bullying, cyberbullying has more long-lasting effects. This is because the negative, embarrassing content is shared online. Once something is put on the internet it stays there for a prolonged time and it is difficult to remove it from the web. You can find امن المعلومات online. The content can spread like wildfire with just a touch of a button. Multitudes of people can view the videos or messages made viral. Victims feel overwhelmed and exposed. The humiliation seems never-ending for the victims.


Victims of bullying are often not in control of the situation. Feeling constantly embarrassed and humiliated, and not being able to do anything develops anger and rage issues in children. They might try to retaliate against the bullies however, the best way to deal with cyberbullying is to not respond to hateful and harassing comments. Cases of bullying usually escalate when the victims retaliate and reply to the bullies. Bullies mock their victims, even more, when they respond. Most matters usually die out if the targeted person ignores it and doesn’t give attention to the bullies. By adopting this way children cannot channel their anger. Parents must provide proper counselling to channel anger in productive ways.

Drug and Alcohol Use

The use of drugs is more common among bullying victims. The victims suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness, humiliation, low-esteem. After being constantly tormented by their peers online, the victims of cyberbullying do not have any other way to numb their pain and they resort to substance use for temporary happiness and solace.

Eating Disorders

Depression and anxiety due to online bullying often cause eating disorders in children. They might start skipping meals due to stress or might binge eat. If they are bullied about their body, they will be extremely conscious about what they eat.

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