All Homeowners: 4 Contact Numbers to Have on Your Fridge

You’re excited, you’ve just moved into your new place and it’s your first time living alone or owning your own space. Now comes the responsibilities! What is proper homeowner etiquette and tips? Something as simple as keeping important contact numbers on hand is a smart habit many people overlook.

Yes, the world has gone digital but it’s important to have contact numbers on your fridge just in case your mobile phone dies. You must be able to contact service providers or people you need if there’s an emergency. You never know if you’re going to face an issue that you can’t fix or handle on your own. From a plumber or electrician to local emergency services numbers, you must be ready to call for help at all times.

Continue reading to find out who to keep on speed dial AND on the fridge and why these contacts are important.


A plumbing issue can happen at any given moment, completely unexpected. Also, even if you think you can try to fix it, we suggest you call in a professional. You could end up making a situation worse by trying your hand at doing it yourself.

If you think you can postpone plumbing services to another day, don’t! A plumbing problem needs to be sorted out as soon as possible because it can cause more problems in your building if the presenting issue isn’t fixed. For example, water damage can be a costly expense that no one wants, and it all starts with you noticing a drop in water pressure.

Luckily, there are excellent vendors in all cities these days, so the plumber Melbourne residents call in will get the job done. Now, as stated previously, having the number of this reliable plumber on your fridge is important. You don’t want your floorboards destroyed while you page through the phone book or charge your phone.


The power has gone out. You’ve checked every plug and wire and even called the neighbours to hear if they have the same problem. Unfortunately, you’re the only house or apartment without power in the area. Did you pay your bill on time? Of course, you did. In an instance like this, you’ll need to call an electrician.

Without power, your mobile phone may also be low on battery, so having the number available in the kitchen is smart. Also, for something as intricate as an electrical system, you need to partner with a vetted, trustworthy vendor. Find the ideal service provider today and write down the number, so you’re ready when troubles occur.

Local Emergency Contacts

When you’re new to an area, you will need the emergency contact numbers for all the local emergency services around. Don’t risk calling service providers from neighbouring towns or the area from where you moved. They may not be able to help you. In emergencies, make sure you don’t waste any time!

Apart from Triple Zero, look for numbers for the following in your area:

  • Local hospital
  • Police
  • Fire station
  • Ambulance services
  • Closest vet if you have pets

Getting in touch with local service providers may be vital, such as asking directions to a local facility or asking about the regulations during Covid-19 lockdown times.

You never know when an emergency will take place and then you don’t want to waste time looking for the right number. Precious seconds or minutes can make all the difference!

Also, an emergency is already a stressful situation. Having the list of numbers on your fridge will prevent additional stress, empowering you to make better decisions. You can remain calm, which will benefit the situation overall.

Family Members

Even if you’re an adult, you still need your family and friends when something bad happens. There’s nothing wrong with calling your parents or a friend to help you when you’re in need. However, do you know any of their numbers by heart? Probably not because we are all used to saving numbers on our mobile phones. What if your phone is stolen or broken and you’re in need?

Having these numbers on your fridge will ensure that in any given situation, you can request a loved one to help you. Calling a family member can also help calm you down if you’re feeling stressed about a situation you find yourself in.

Final Thoughts

We often rely on Google to search for the important numbers we need on a day-to-day basis. However, having them on your fridge is vital. Lack of online access, a broken phone or a burglary can instantly rob you of information and you won’t be able to search for an important number. This could be disastrous if it leaves you helpless in a desperate situation.

Being ready for an emergency will only benefit you. Having an emergency contact list in the kitchen or your room will come in handy. Being this prepared also means you can have a clear mind during a stressful situation.

Enjoy your new home even more by having peace of mind that you’re acting responsibly.

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