All You Need To Know About Masturbation: Myth VS Reality

One of the fastest-growing entertainment industry nowadays is the adult entertainment industry. The demand was always higher among people. Now when the world is moving towards an era of accepting sexuality and taking it as a necessary sport here, the industry is playing a big role. It was not very ago when nude pics were known as dirty and sinful. But the evaluation of nude art, body art, and such art forms established the fact that a beautiful naked woman body is pure art and more than erotic but, never disgraceful to show. So, the porn industry is growing very fast, and it’s enlarging day by day. The thing that comes inevitably with porn is Masturbation. There are thousands of myths and propaganda out there about Masturbation and their side effects. Let’s get to know some about them of how many of it make some sense.

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is also known as self-satisfaction. In any way when a male or female gets sexual gratification without penetration or getting in physical contact with another gender is known as Masturbation. For females, it’s also known as fingering. It’s also the primary stage of sexual intercourse or foreplay that makes the make-out session more enjoyable for both the partners. Several stimulations or situations can trigger the need or Masturbation. Pornpics, porn videos, any past sexual memory, or the presence of the partner is enough to arouse another physically. Here the porn industry is playing a vital role. From the virgin newbies to the mature couples, everyone gets to know something new from the videos. There are sex toys and equipment available for satisfaction, such as a vibrator, dildo, or such. But most sex toys are for female Masturbation. Males usually do better with porns and pics.

Masturbation Myths?

There are thousands of myths circulating in the society regarding Masturbation. The most popular among these is may the one that says Masturbation reduces the sex drive of a male, which is not true at all. Trusted and popular research papers admitted the fact. Masturbation slows down the ejaculation process. It means the couple gets more time for the fun and There is no relation of decreasing libido with Masturbation. Some researchers claim the Masturbation boosts up self-confidence and satisfying skills. None can deny sex is an art that gets better with practice. So, it’s a win-win deal for both the partners. Self-satisfaction is always welcomed.

The second famous myth about Masturbation is that it causes acne and dull skin. But here the main culprit is hormonal imbalance. During puberty, most people first get to know about self-satisfaction and sexual pleasure. So, the pubertal hormonal changes cause most of the acne, and Masturbation receives the blame. Besides, when you reach the orgasm, there is an extreme hormonal surge. That can also be a cause of acne breakout.

Another one says Masturbation makes people sexually violent and desperate. About desperation, the otherways is more acceptable. It makes one satisfied with their own, so there is less chance of distress and crimes related to it. Another point of being sexually violent is arguable. Some people take porns, and hardcore acts very seriously. The partner’s consent does not matter to them here. Thus some might be very dominating or make it a crime. But that does not apply to everyone. Mostly pornpics and videos show different positions and styles, foreplays that helps to make the relation spicier.


Exploring own sexuality and accepting the physical need is always a better way of self-love. Know the fact before you believe.

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