Bench Drilling Machine Buying Guide

Bench Drilling Machine price in Kenya comes at a friendly cost that would help in efficient purchase.  It is well known for the use of drilling materials that are of light weight instead of heavy. It comes in various sizes and is actually the smaller size of the pillar drill. Its drilling is of good results thus it is a tool to highly consider. It is made in a way that it can take up the task and the price has been made affordable for the drilling work areas. It is a necessity during such activities thus should always be on the budget.

Features of the Bench Drilling Machine

Foot Switch

The drill needs to be turned off regularly after use by the foot switch. Bench drill has to be switched before and after working with it. Provision of the foot switch has therefore made it easy, fast and efficient to work with it. Its control of the drill is very important as it may help in taking care of it when in charge.


This is made of steel as its material type. A greater percentage of the drill machine is made of steel and iron. The base thus holds the whole weight of the drill machine. It is the main support system of the drill. It is based at the bottom.


The head holds onto the spindle that is able to move differently according to the direction required. It movement is upwards and downwards. It is well based to perform the specified function without fail.

Work table

This is where the materials that are to be worked on are placed. It holds them well and firm to ensure the drill work to be done is on the right position and point. Drilling is done in position thus the materials can be controlled on the work table. It has efficient work space to perform the task.


The column is in charge of supporting the table and head attachments. This is inclusive of the spindle that is held onto the head. The table has got its on attachments that greatly need support. The position of the column is perfect for support needed.


It is also made of steel. It plays a role in rotation and holding of tools that are on the drill bits. This is because it is part of the head attachments. Rotation during drilling is quite important in making drill hols by the machine. This records good results as the holes come out well and perfect.


It is the most important part of the drill. This is because it holds the cutting tools. The cutting tools are made of jaws that do the role of drilling. It is based close to the spindle and table which are mainly made of the work space.

In conclusion, the machine specifications work as expected. Bench drilling machine price in Kenya is thus preferable and advisable to try out any day as it can be easily met. This drill machine structure is efficient and of great praise when it comes to working on the materials. It is easy to learn how to use it in order to bring out good results in drilling. It is among many other drilling machines that would help a great deal. For more, check

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