Best Mobile Apps for your Hobby

From stamps and coins to railroads, books, notes and more there is probably a hobby that is right for you somewhere on earth.

If you are the curious type and always wanted to learn and discover something new, something cool, something unique then a Mobile Hobby Application (App) will get you headed in the right direction.

In addition to step-by-step guides, users can follow videos, ask questions from community members, have fun, share your interests and make friends along the way as well.

Below we feature some of the Best Mobile Hobby Apps that are sure to spark your interest and passion:


The Hobify App Developer connects amateur hobbyists with a more experienced professional in your local area. Through these connections it is hoped that enthusiastic hobbyists will try to improve and update the particular hobby by linking with someone more experienced.

Users of this Mobile Hobby App can use the geo localized features to find another fellow enthusiast close by. You could want to learn about stamps, model railroads or airplanes with the Hobbify Mobile Hobby App users can action their enthusiasm by partnering with others in your local area or region.

If you’re a hobby pro, with this App users can create and share their user profiles with ease. Users can update their profiles with pictures, videos, tutorials and lots of other showcase features that help boost your profile.

Those considering paying for a session with a hobby professional can also read through reviews and customers comments as well. Users can chat with the selected individual before meeting them for the hobby session.


If you’re a Trekkie, a fan of Elvis or just love collecting coins, whatever your passion with the Hobbytalk Mobile Hobby App users can link and connect with others who have similar interests in over 140 countries.

Having set up their profile users can list their hobbies, passions and interests and the App will make the connection with others who share similar interests to you.

Users can use this App to improve their hobbies, learn about new trends, discover techniques and understand how to make the most of your hobby at the same time as making friends and meeting fellow enthusiasts.

Learn Crafts and DIY Arts

If you ever wondered how to make use of your excess waste at home. The Learn Crafts and DIY Arts Mobile Hobby App has got you covered with a range of projects that help you creatively deal with your domestic dry waste and also keep you occupied as well.

Using this App Development, kids and toddlers can discover a project they like such as papercraft and then download the project via an in-app purchase and that’s it! Having downloaded your project users can follow the detailed step by step instructions with tips and tricks to make your project a success. Most projects can be finished in minutes as well depending on their scale with videos to support and guide.

Using this App users can get craft ideas for unique handmade projects using everyday items such as old bottles, clothing items or paper. Kids can also get craft ideas for their school projects or science exhibitions and even learn to make creative handmade cards and decorations for special holidays such as Halloween or Christmas.

This App also offers advanced courses for adults on topics such as origami, knitting and embroidery as well, with offline access also available.

The 21 Days Challenge 

The 21 Days Challenge Mobile Hobby Android App Development helps you to be disciplined and committed in forming a new habit. According to research it takes around 21 days for an individual to form a new habit.

With this App users can choose the most suitable challenge and do it diligently for 21 days and see that habit becomes part of your lifestyle day by day.

If you always wanted to learn and adopt a new habit then this App will guide you and support you everyday with tips, hints, daily positive affirmations and gentle reminders to keep going and remain focused.

Having completed your daily task users can collect virtual points that help customize your user avatar in more detail.  As you proceed along the 21 days, users can list their thoughts in a journal that helps track your mood as well.  


If you are new to a hobby or always wanted to learn a new craft, Mobile Hobby Apps help users to get the support and guidance they need to look, listen, learn and discover something new. Download a Mobile Hobby App and start creating.

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