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These days sports tickets are sold at different prices other than their face value. Mainly because there are tickets sold at a higher price in the black market because of the demand tickets have during important sports matches. Especially last-minute ticket sales are subject to price discrimination. There are several approved ways on 먹튀검증 where sports tickets are sold. Some are discussed below.

Box Office

Perhaps the most common and legitimate way to buy tickets is from the actual and official corner. Although there is no guarantee that a sufficient number of tickets will be left if the sports match in question is an anticipated one, the ticket counter is the easiest and efficient way anyone can buy tickets. FIFA confirmed during World Cup Russia in 2018 that more than 2.4 million tickets were already booked and sold a week before the tournament even began. Meaning people do not have to be at the box office to buy the tickets physically; instead, they can book them online on their official designated website.


Sometimes fans prefer to trade tickets at a higher price, and since they may have more tickets they do not need, they sell them via a third party. These third-party websites enable fans to buy and sell tickets for upcoming matches, almost like a marketplace. These websites may be Ticketmaster, one of the most renowned marketplaces for trading tickets, StubHub, Vivid seats, RazorGator, etc. The sellers are usually professional, so the process is safe and authentic for the most part.


It is the act of reselling tickets at a higher price previously bought from the official representatives.  Ticket scalping is usually the last-ditch effort and is very risky. While some people can get away with it, in most cases, the buyers are usually ripped off and do not get to go into the venue, let alone watch the game.  It is usually looked down upon and not legal in a lot of places. But there are also laws permitting scalpers to resell tickets only if they have obtained the license for it.


Craigslist remains one of the most popular marketplaces where all sorts of tickets for everything are available. The list here goes on, which is one of the significant attractors as to why people come back here. You can choose among many games, dates, prices, seats, and so on. There are also different types of discounts available. The arrangement may seem too good to be true. Despite that, fraud may occur in the transactions. One of the biggest problems of craigslist is the risk of getting ripped off. There may be fraudulent activities if the buyer is not careful enough since not all online transactions are safe.


Apart from where to make purchases, it is not the only factor to consider when buying sports tickets. The timing of the purchase may also take part in the price and availability of the ticket. Moreover, it depends on how important the match is from an objective point of view. For example, early bookings would be much preferred over the on-the-spot purchase if the NBA finals or Super Bowl, World Cup, or Tennis opens, etc.

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