Covid-19 Care: What to Do at Home?

Amidst this pandemic of COVID-19, RT-PCR  known as Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction tests have become the most preferred tests to check for COVID-19. More and more people are taking this test to check if they are Covid positive or not.

Here, even if you are covid positive, you can do some care for your mild covid. Also, if you are sick , even if you don’t know for sure you have COVID-19, you must stay home unless you need medical care. It helps avert the disease from spreading to other people.

Things to Do:

  • Try to keep away from other family members and pets at home
  • Always wear a mask if you are around other people. Also, note that children below the age of 2 should not wear masks.
  • You must cover your coughs and you sneeze with a tissue. Make sure to throw the tissue away, and then wash your hands right away. Ensure that you wash your hands for twenty seconds and if soaps are not around, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer for cleaning your hands.
  • In case possible, make sure you stay in your bedroom and use a bathroom that is separate from other people in the apartment or at home.
  • Finally, use separate dishes, cups, glasses, and eating utensils and not share these with anyone else at home. After using the utensils, run them via the dishwasher or wash them with extremely hot soapy water.Visit this site moviespur to get more info and also learn more about openload where you can download the newest movies at no cost.

So,  for your Covid-19 Care, these are the must-dos you cannot miss.

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