Factors to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner

It is good to consider cleaning your sofas since these items easily collect dust and dirt and, in the end, making your environment unhealthy if not properly cleaned.

The following are the aspects one may consider before buying a vacuum cleaner. They help one purchase a cleaner convenient to the user. They include the following:


It us usually good to consider your budget. Cheapwashing machines may not be good enough for efficient cleaning and may end up lagging after a short period. Reasonably priced products on the other hand come with top quality.


A portable vacuum cleaner is easier to lift up and clean different areas. It will be easy to transfer it to different areas and clean each corner of the sofa.

Availability of spare parts and warranty

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, always ensure that the seller or the manufacturer provides you with a warrant certificate for the machine. Also consider the availability of spare parts in future in case of tear and wear to avoid throwing away the cleaner after a very short period of time. This will eventually save you from the burden of the high  vacuum cleaner price Kenya.


A cordless vacuum cleaner is easierto operate and more convenient compared to the corded one. For that reason, many buyers prefer it. Some other types of vacuum cleaners come have retractable cords and require regular charging which make them inefficient when the power is low as one has to keep on routinely charging them.

Vacuum cleaner accessories

This is another aspect to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners come with various accessories like magnifying extension view, and a brush.  Always consider what is best suitsyour home.

Bagged or bagless

Bagless cleaners are cost effective since you will not be required to buy a bag. However,cleaningthese types of cleaners become problematictoindividuals with underlying conditions like asthma or bronchitis thus bagged washers would be more suitable for them.


Noise is a form of environmental pollution. Some vacuum cleaners produce noise that may in the end disturb neighbors or members of the family thus causing inconvenience. Ensure that you purchase a vacuum cleaner that is quiet at its work.

Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner

This type is efficient in that it can be used in cleaning both wet and dry spills. It can also help in cleaningup of broken glassand water, juice or other drinks spilled on your sofa. It is more convenient if children frequently spill water as well as breaking glass since it saves on time during cleaning and helps dry the sofa’s wet areas.

Additional features

The unique features in vacuum cleaners’example washable filter, strong suctional noise, dry use and a 1100W high quality motor make the cleaner more durable and convenient thus should be considered before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.


With the above aspects I am sure that you will be able to purchase the best vacuum cleaner of your own choice without any regrets thereafter. They are readily available for purchase in the Kenyan market.

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