Family Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer: Know the Difference

People throw terms around without really understanding them all the time, but these terms sometimes affect the whole meaning of the conversation. As such, terms that are usually interchangeable could have different connotations, such as “family lawyer” and “divorce lawyer”. People always look for a family or a divorce lawyer when they need to solve issues in their personal life, but what’s the difference between a family and a divorce lawyer?

As said earlier, these terms are interchangeable, but they surely have a different definition in the dictionary. Many assume that “Family Law” is similar to “Divorce Attorney”. But, the reality is something else.

Who Is a Divorce Lawyer?

You can call divorce a part of the family law. And the lawyer who specialises in divorce cases can also be called a family lawyer. But, if someone is a family lawyer, it doesn’t mean they only focus on divorce; family lawyers deal with various issues related to a family.

Divorce lawyers usually start their careers specialising in divorce cases by being an apprentice of someone more experienced in the same field. Over the years, the lawyer gets to know the laws and situations of the divorce filings and custody issues. After gaining the required knowledge and experience, the lawyer can then work independently.

Who Is a Family Lawyer?

Family law includes child custody, divorce, child support, spousal support, paternity (proving the father/child relationship), guardianship, adoption, orders of protection, etc.

A lawyer practising “Family Law” is also different from a family lawyer. When someone says they are a family lawyer, it means they represent a family, i.e., focusing their practice on families. As such, the lawyer will help the family with real estate, business formation, criminal law, financial fraud, and other family issues.

Do Both of Them Look for the Same Solution for Their Clients When It Comes to Divorce?

Though both lawyers can appear in court for the divorce case, the one who specialises in divorce cases and the family lawyer will look for different resolutions for the issue.

For example, a family law attorney will be less than flattering, edgy, and tough in mannerism.

Someone who represents themselves as a family attorney is always holistic, focused on the big picture, and positive resolution oriented.

You must have got an idea about these two types of lawyers by now. The divorce attorney and family law attorney may do the same activities but may have different approaches to the divorce cases.

Now, these are the differences between a family and a divorce lawyer.

What Are the Most Popular Reasons for Divorce?

  • When the couple realise that they are no longer compatible and may become estranged, it could be because of different life choices or other reasons.
  • The difference in viewpoint is another big reason for divorces. The couple may still love each other and could still go forward together, but the change in views/ideologies will surely hurt the marriage. It could result from not disclosing their ethics, beliefs, and other ideologies before the wedding.
  • The partner (a spouse) breaks the trust via secrecy, adultery, or lying.
  • Problems/harm due to alcohol, drug addiction, domestic violence, etc.

These are the popular reasons for divorces, and the next step after the divorce is to grant the child’s custody. In this scenario, the mother is usually given custody of the child, with the father visiting the child at scheduled intervals or whenever necessary.

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