Five Common Environmental Hazards in the Workplace

An environmental hazard results from chemical, physical, and biological agents on the well-being. Perhaps, such a threat highly damages human health or the natural environment. Hamza Mbareche has excellently elaborated on the environmental hazards.

Moreover, high temperatures, bad air quality, noise pollution etc., are included in this category. These threats highly affect your work performance.

Also, having your employees trained in basic emergency response procedures can be very helpful in addressing these hazards. You can check this site out to learn more:

Also, having your employees trained in basic emergency response procedures can be very helpful in addressing these hazards. You can check this site out to learn

But wait, do you know what the five common environmental hazards are? So here is a shortlist of environmental hazards that affect the workplace.

Environmental Hazards in the Workplace

Whether it is a chemical organization, any mining mill or any multinational firm, each one has some environmental hazard.

So keep reading…

  • Ergonomics

Working together means that constant human movement is required. You have to tackle heavy duties. Moreover, one shall suffer from different musculoskeletal injuries. Your arms, wrists, back, neck are greatly affected.

So to avoid this hazard try to reduce heavy-duty tasks. Eliminate repetitive tasks. Or you can rotate the duties accordingly so that no one gets highly injured.

  • Slips and Stumbles

Most slips and tripping are a result of wet floors. Moreover, loose telephone cords and slippery corridors cause stumbles. The presence of unnecessary boxes in the path and shifty runners in the pathway makes a person slip frequently.

To avoid such circumstances to control the injury level. When people fall repeatedly, they won’t be able to continue their work. And this will indeed affect the productivity level.

  • Chemical Hazards

Corrosive and highly flammable chemicals are released into the air. When you are a part of such a workplace, you must conquer such situations. These chemicals are incredibly volatile. So any serious incident can occur.

These intoxicants get accumulated in the human skin and cause penetration. Moreover, liver infections, lung cancers, irritation, and chronic health issues may induce. The frequent release of gasses gives rise to asthma, migraines, and many more.

  • Biological Hazard

Several people are allergic to poisonous plants and animals. Moreover, these places are contaminated with toxic gasses. This type of hazard is primarily present in daycare centers, laboratories, agriculture firms, etc. People get asthmatic and lung cancer. Furthermore, it is a prime responsibility of the owners to isolate the poisonous plants and animals. You can also take guidance from the observation of Hamza Mbareche.

And lastly…

  • Psychosocial Hazard

Employees’ mental health and well-being are the top priority. Well, psychosocial hazards hurt human health. Stress, victimization, and moral harassment are the top examples of psychosocial risk. And this hazard needs to be fixed as soon as it is possible.

Not only these but there are other hazards too that result in severe hurdles in the work progress. All you need to do this is simply proceed with safety precautions to overcome them.


It is assumed that you need to focus on preventing the hazards. Although illuminating such bets may be a bit costly for the owners but highly beneficial for the employees and the firm’s growth.

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