Gardening Ideas: Perfect Plants To Grow For New Gardeners

What’s a better way than beautifying your home than adding plants? Plants are essential in human life. Whether you’re residing in a tiny apartment or a large house, adding an area with plants into your space will improve your mood, health, and happiness.

Not to mention, if you like burning some midnight candles, plants could help you concentrate, reduce stress, and increase your productivity. There are numerous reasons why plants pose lots of benefits to humans and the ecosystem as a whole.

When you start your garden, it is recommended that you have prior knowledge about how to care for and grow them. In this way, you would not have a hard time cultivating your early spring bee plants. Thus, listed below are some beautiful plants that are easy to grow for new gardeners.

Areca Palm

Areca palms are a popular houseplant that is inexpensive and hassle-free in growing. Ideally, you would have already seen an areca palm planted both indoors and outdoors. They are known to be fast-growing and could reach up to five to ten inches until they reach their mature height, which is seven feet, depending on the growing conditions they are in.

An areca palm is a beautiful houseplant. For this kind of plant, sunlight is an essential factor for its growth rate. So, to make it grow faster, placing it in a well-lit area would greatly help. But, take note that they should not be under direct sunlight as this could harm them.

The more light an areca palm gets, the faster and better it could grow. Visit Gardener’s Path to know more about how to care and grow and areca palm.


Tulips are known to symbolize deep love, and undeniably, it’s one of the flowers you could give to someone you truly adore. Tulips are present in every color of the rainbow; some even have multiple tones in a petal. You’ll usually see it in colors black, purple, maroon, yellow, cream, and white.

Tulips could be a perfect plant to grow for new gardeners. It’s easy to plant and would only require you to place it in a sunny site and have good water drainage. You have to understand that plants like tulips will have a hard time growing in shady areas and would not always enjoy wet soil.


This yellow petaled plant is one of most people’s favorites. Its vibrant color could easily capture the eye of a passerby. They are stunningly beautiful and symbolize adoration, loyalty, and happiness.

Sunflowers could grow up to three to sixteen feet. This plant loves the sun and blooms during summer. So, they are also heat tolerant and would not require regular watering. Also, if you want bees, butterflies, and birds to visit you often, then what’s a better way to get them to visit you when you have the presence of sunflowers in your garden?

Also, they tolerate almost every soil type. They’re not just beautiful, but they are easy to grow and fast-growing. Sunflowers could be made perfect gifts to bring happiness into someone else’s life or even yourself in your home garden.


Impatiens, also called the touch-me-not plant, are a five-petaled flower that comes in various colors, including white, pink, red, violet, coral, purple, and yellow. They are also referred to as “touch-me-not” because it refers to the plant’s ability to suddenly burst ripe seed pods when they are touched.

They are hassle-free to grow and are shade-tolerant. They bloom for a long time, and their bright colors will surely brighten up your day. They need to be watered regularly to maintain consistently moist soil and prevent the plant from wilting. They also easily attract birds to come into your area.


Zinnia plants could grow as tall as 20-24 inches, and they bloom best during the summer season. This plant is a wonderful pollinator that could easily attract bees during the time they are growing. Not to mention, ladybugs, hummingbirds, Japanese Beetles, and wasps are also some of the visitors that may come into your garden if you have zinnias.

This plant comes in colors pink, purple, red, yellow, orange, lavender, white, and green. New gardeners love zinnias, for they make them happy. Also, if you have a friend who will be absent for a long time, you could offer zinnias as a going-away present and show your affection.

In caring for zinnias, it’s important to keep moderate soil moisture. A good trick would also be fertilizing the soil lightly to maximize its growth and bloom. If the zinnias start to flower, you could cut the old flowers to give space and encourage more flowers to form.


Plants make our lives better. If you’re just new to gardening and having a hard time deciding on what to plant next, you may use the guide above to help you decide which one would suit your area well.

Gardening will require lots of effort and patience, especially when you start and try to learn about it. But, the knowledge and experience you’ll have on your gardening journey will be priceless and phenomenal. Also, make sure that you consider the type of plants you want to grow before you start gardening and the location you’d put them into.

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