Half Wigs & Lace Front Wigs: Best Hair Style Solution

Half Wig

A half wigs is an artificial hair made from synthetic hair or real hair. A unique elasticated cap structure gives you the ultimate satisfaction of comfort. The half wig is made from 100% virgin human hair. 

Installing a half wig is very easy and simple. You need to choose the correct turban size according to your head. Take all your hair back and make one or two ponytails. Now place the half wig matching with your hairline. Make sure to slide down the comb of the wig to attach with your main hair.You can use other accessories to disguise your artificial hair.

For maintaining your half wig comb your wig regularly. You must trim your wig two times in a month. Using a flat iron or curling iron frequently can damage your wig. To protect it use some protectant oil on the wig. 

The half wigs is very easy to handle, simple to maintain, make a dashing look for a woman.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are a kind of human hair wigs. There is a piece of lace attached to the front of the wigs for women. The lace frontal closure or lace closure disguise your hairline well.

If you want to wear it ina professional way follow the steps. First, prepare your skin using a gentle cleanser to remove the skin oil. Then, take the wig cap and braid your hair in it. There is an elastic band to tighten or loose the wig cap according to your head size. Now, put on the wig and lining it with your natural hairline.You can trim the extra lace of the wig according to your style. If you need to create baby hair cut some strands of hair near your hairline. Then pull them out for natural-looking.

You get many benefits from lace front wigs. Like, lace front wigs have a good air passing system. If you have a thinning scalp, it can make up your bald hairline. Anyone can color the wig according to style without damage the wig. It looks so natural, attractive,and make a woman more confidence in daily life.

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