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How Do Online Interior Design Services Work?

As aesthetically appealing places give you a pleasant vibe, the perfect home decor/design will never fail to impress people. Whether it is your bedroom, hall, or workspace, you will automatically feel dull if it is not correctly maintained and decorated. A good interior design will indeed give out positive vibes, and the interior design of a home can change the whole appearance.

The sale of housing units has been increasing steadily since mid-2000, and it is estimated that around 40,000 housing units are sold every year in Bangalore. The pandemic has only slowed down the real estate slightly, and the sales will rise by next year. More millennials are migrating to Bangalore for better jobs and education.  Hence, it is probable that they’ll eventually buy a home in the city.

Those buying new homes will be looking for interior designers in Bangalore. You could find many agencies and freelancers offering interior design services. But, to select the best one, you need to know about the process and service they provide.

The interior design has these 6 phases

  • Programming
  • Development of concept
  • Presentation
  • Documentation & design development
  • Execution
  • Evaluation

If you select interior designers who have these phases in their service, you will be getting an incredible home design. Check whether the interior designers have these phases in their work process or not before hiring them.

1. Programming

This is the first phase/step of interior designing. The professional will define the problem statement/design statement. They will try to understand the nature of the project, location, purpose of every space, and client’s preferences. They will develop a rough idea/sketch about the whole project and get the client’s approval.

2. Development of the Concept

This stage involves ideation and brainstorming. The professional makes a replica or sketch of the design concept and discusses it with the homeowner. The parties can discuss and understand each other’s ideas and suggestions before the project progresses on to the next phase, which is presented.

3. Presentation

The presentation is for the client/homeowner in the form of a proposal. The client can review it and give their feedback if any change is required or approval if everything is fine.

4. Documentation & Design Development

The blueprint of the design project is almost finished here. The interior designer has made the final set of changes and alterations as per the client. The project now has the final blueprint as a sketch, 2D/3D model, color combinations, etc. This is the final stage of discussion between both parties.

5. Execution

This is the final stage/phase of the project and where the physical work happens. The designers and client fix the schedule, and the execution part of the project begins. The designer will be present at the site most of the time to supervise the workers and assist them. Finally, the project, which was on paper, will get a physical existence.

6. Evaluation

It is one of the most important and final steps/phases in the design process. The designer will take the final feedback of the client after the execution for slight changes and corrections. The designer will also consult their peers for suggestions and reviews. They will monitor the progress throughout the execution of the project.

When you are looking for interior designers in Bangalore, they have these phases/steps in their work process. Those designers who follow these steps/phases will complete the interior designing work with good quality and in time.

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