How to Choose a Ladies Bike

The bicycle boom has engulfed the inhabitants of the world’s megalopolises. Sports and a healthy lifestyle are so popular today that it has become even prestigious to change a car for a bicycle! Given the difficult economic situation in the country, this is also beneficial. In general, a bicycle is a real must-have of this season. If you still haven’t made an iron friend, it’s time to do it!

You need to buy a bike in a specialized store in order to be able to consult with a specialist. However, when going shopping, it is still advisable to have general information about the bike.

 Let’s start with the most important thing: does a woman need a special bike? Today, almost all manufacturers declare a female line of models. In this case, the developers rely only on the anatomical differences between the best mens road bike and a woman’s one. In fact, this does not require much change in the geometry of the classic bike. However, there are still differences, which makes the device more convenient for the beautiful half of humanity.

It must be said that the announcement of a line of the best women road bikes has generated a real boom in them, because enthusiastic women are ready to spend large sums of money on themselves. We know that a bicycle is not only a means of transportation, but a fashion accessory! And it is customary to pay more for beauty.

Next, you should pay attention to such points as the ease of fit, the protection of parts from moisture, the correspondence of the type of device to its own purposes, and, of course, the aesthetic appearance.

 As for the frame, it is important to pay attention to its reliability, strength and weight, and not the material from which it is made.

 As for the weight of the bike itself, keep in mind that the lighter the bike, the more expensive it is. If you are not going to win the Tour de France (the weight of the machine is really important for the riders), then you can not worry too much about this. Yes, you don’t really want to carry a heavy bike on yourself, but with an elevator, good physical shape or living on the ground floor, the problem ceases to be global.

 Metal bicycle pedals, which are supposedly much better than plastic ones, are nothing more than a myth. Modern bicycles from proven quality manufacturers are often equipped with plastic pedals that do not fall apart, but work successfully for many years.

 The same goes for derailleurs, which supposedly should be of a high level. The average cyclist changes speeds several times a day, unlike the rider who does it several hundred times. Therefore, it is not worth throwing money on high-level switches, as well as on other professional equipment.

In experts’ opinion, you need to buy a bicycle from serious manufacturers: 

  • which companies are leaders in the bicycle market today?

There are Specialized, Trek, Kellys, Bergamont / BGM, Author, Ghost, Cannondale, Giant, Kona, Cube, Scott, Norco, Felt, Kross.

Less famous brands: Mongoose, Diamonback, Centurion, Schwinn, Pride, Fuji.

Cheap segment: Comanche, Formula, Fort, Winner, Stels, Ardis, Azimut, Avanti.

– What else does a girl need to buy along with a bike?

If a girl rides in the company of a companion, she is unlikely to have to buy anything in addition to accessories and cycling clothes for her beloved. Of the necessary – a helmet, front and rear lights (when driving on the roads, and just to signal pedestrians in the evening).

Desirable: cycling gloves, bicycles, a comforter (if you have a helmet), cycling shorts, a first aid kit, a bike lock (if you have to leave the bike in an unguarded place unattended for no more than 20-30 minutes).

Of the optional: a bicycle t-shirt, fenders, a footrest, a flask (and a bottle cage), a backpack, a basket / trunk, a bell, a bicycle computer, handbags for the frame / under the frame / under the saddle / on the trunk / on the steering wheel and hundreds of other convenient (but quite necessary accessories) ).

 For avid cyclists who are not afraid to ride alone, it is imperative to have a spare camera, a camera repair kit and a bike pump.

– What are the most important nuances a girl should consider when buying a bicycle?

 Each bike (by brand and class) has an individual geometry and, accordingly, is designed for a different fit. First of all, let’s divide everything according to gender: unisex and women.

Women’s bicycles differ primarily in that they take into account the female anatomy, which is somewhat reflected in the changed geometry of the frame (it is often made too low for the convenience of landing on the bike). In addition, these bicycles are equipped with a narrower handlebar, a female saddle and, of course, have a more feminine coloring. These bicycles are a narrow group for each manufacturer and are usually produced in only certain classes: urban (cruise), cross-country (they are also hybrids), MTB (from mountain bikes, they are also mountain / XC / MTB / cross-country).

  • What is the best brand of women’s bike in each price range: economy, mid-range, premium.

It is impossible to name the best brand of a women’s bicycle, since most often they differ only in non-basic components, coloring and partly in the geometry of the frames. For example, the Author brand produces women’s bicycles with a straight frame (no understatement), but with a female geometry, a comfortable female saddle and a narrow handlebar. The Kellys brand does not see anything special in the width of the handlebars, so they produce bicycles with a standard handlebar, but the frame is understated. Giant is focusing more on gearless city bike models.

Most often, in this case, it is advised to choose according to appearance. If you sort bicycles by price category, then any unisex bike can get into the economy class (since there are only a few female models).

The middle price segment – entry-level models of any brand of the bicycle leader, or any models of the middle and senior levels of less famous brands.

Well, the premium will include all models of the top lines of leading brands.

– Is it possible to buy a universal bike, which can be used to ride around the city and go to the forest for a bike ride?

 The most versatile bike at the moment is the MTB (although this is a controversial issue). The dimensions of the wheel make it easy to maneuver between trees or pedestrians, wide, spiked tires will pass both on clay, and on sand or snow. And on asphalt the bike behaves well too (grip is excellent) – however, wasting energy and wearing out studs is pointless. Therefore, in such situations, it is advised to install city tires and ride no worse than on a cross or city bike.

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