How to Heal Broken Bones in Kids

Kids are often considered as blessings, miracles, a source of happiness in this world of pain. The houses that have kids in them are viewed as lucky and blessed. They are a part of nature and thus, nature protects them like its own. If they get hurt, their new and supercharged organs are quick to heal, so are their bones. In contrast to older people who take time to heal, children are fortunate to mend themselves quickly and possess an amazing ability to heal broken bones. Although full healing may require some time, the new bone only takes a few weeks to form. 

So what is meant by broken bone?

When one or more bones in a human body shatters, either completely or slightly, is what is referred to as a broken bone. The slight crack in the bone is also called “fracture”. 

What is the reason behind bones breaking?

Children, considering their body is still undergoing developmental process, have fragile bones. They also play and run a lot which can result in serious injuries like broken bones. Most of the time the cause of bone breaking is falling from a high place, such as beds or a swing. Often while playing games, kids engage in accidents and end up breaking or fracturing their bones.

How to know if a bone is broken?

You can immediately recognize a fractured area as there will be a fresh bulge, swelling or severe bruise on the affected area. If you see these signs ask the kid to move the injured area, if they feel extreme pain in doing so, this will mean they have suffered from a fracture. In case of intense injury, the body part may look crooked or out of shape than it looked before, 

What do I do if I see a kid with a broken bone?

You immediately call for help and put a warm piece of cloth on their injury, on the way to hospital. At the facility, doctors will take an x-ray of the injured area and treat it accordingly. 

How do broken bones get treated?

In most cases, a casting or a plaster is used to wrap the affected area in order to start the treatment procedure. It prevents the broken bone from moving during the healing process. Even fractures that do not line up will heal straight with the help of a cast. 

Before a cast is applied, the displaced bones may need to be put back in place. This process is called reduction or “setting the bone.”

What is the Healing Process of Bones?

The body clots blood around a fractured bone in the first few days after it ruptures to help heal it and protect it. As a result, the damaged bone is surrounded by healing tissue. The process which helps to heal the broken bones is referred to as a callus. The bone may be soft at first, but over time, it becomes harder and stronger.

How can we as a family help our children heal their bones?

Children and teenagers are prone to broken bones. In most cases, the children will be able to perform all the tasks they did before the injury in just a few months. However, to help them heal, we must make sure their physical activity should be monitored diligently. Children are restless and you may require professional help in taking care of them during this time period. Make sure you get home health care services that are available to help them recover quickly and easily. 

To get professional help, you can find many pediatric home health agencies that offer exceptional services and will help your child recover at their earliest.

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