How To Incorporate UX With A Small Budget – UX Agency?

Today, you will see numerous startups and small businesses popping up. And each one will surely have a portal. You may be more comfortable with the term website. Now, what are so many websites vying for? They are looking for customers. That is the sole reason why they exist in the first place. There are fewer geographical boundaries today. You can be based in one place and sell anywhere. The biggest tool is the website. However, are we using it smartly? A great UX Agency will be able to throw some light on this. 

So, what does UX do? It increases or improves customer experience. It brings in brand recognition, drives volumes of sale, and generates traffic. However, can small businesses afford it? They definitely can. In fact, at one point, all businesses are small. UX has the power to increase performance in increments. 

How To Incorporate Experience Design? 

You should emulate the big competitors. They have put in more cash, without any doubt. However, they are definitely doing something right, which you are not. Make a competitor comparison. Moreover, you can lay your hands on many free tools. They make competitor comparison easy today. A small yet worthyUX Agency will be able to do it for you. It is quite easy. 

Set aside a budget. And, in order to set a budget, you need research. It will help you to understand your user.Professionals in this space are well-equipped to analyze your situation. It is always beneficial in the long run. You can also hire an agency. This is, in fact, one of the first things that you ought to do. Agencies have the necessary know-how. It is a great asset for small businessesand is considered a USP. You have to do some homework to hire the best one. 

Use Google Analytics

Today, you will find numerous free tools as well. One of them is Google Analytics. Moreover, you can gather a lot of customer data, with the help of this analytics tool. Check out which blog posts are getting lots of visits. So, that points to the fact that users are vying for such products in the market today. A decent web host can also provide you with these services and information. 

Use HeatMaps Today

So, you are not aware of it? If you get in touch with a good agency, they can get you introduced to such tools. This is a data visualization technique that uses color-coding to get you information on use clusters. It shows user behavior on particular pages and webpage templates as well. The area where your user clicksthe greatest number of times is always darker than the rest of the areas. 

Ask Your Customers

Ok, so you are on a shoestring budget. However, every business has ample time for customers. You can invite your customers over. Moreover, there are several events that are coming up, pooling in customer data. Such discussion forums are extremely important for your business. Furthermore, you can get first-hand information about the various data. And, it is free of cost. You can do it in the office or virtually as well. 

There are several other tools, like A/B testing,which are powerful tools in a UX designer’s kitty. However, if you have very lowtraffic, then the results will be unsatisfactory. There are several small businesses today, that have taken up this road. And, it is coming up with profits. There is an increase in sales and footfalls. What are you waiting for? 

If you are not wholly prepared but still want to, look for some guidance. If your website in the design phase, you can still measure the customer expectations. It is a part of the job. There are free tools that are available today. Go for what seems best for you and the organization. Website mockups are also a great idea. 

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