How to write essays that people will love to read

People aren’t really interested in reading essays anymore as every little information is available online. Unless it’s a shocking essay, people won’t even bother reading your essay.

Many students run away from tasks like writing essays or from any type of academic writing. It seems like a dreaded task for them. But, it’s very important to know how to write one. 

In the future, you might have to write for college admission or scholarships so it’s a must to know how to write one. Additionally, they can help you expand vocabulary and improve writing skills and who knows you might launch your own essay writing service and make a living out of it.

Take help from other professionally written essays, identify them and look for what information the writer used to make it a well-written essay. Taking help from other essays is a very good way to improve your own essay writing skills.

Most people don’t even know the format of the essay. So, I’ll be listing the steps to write the best essay;

1. Research about your topic and draft the paper

As I mentioned above, the best way to improve your essay writing skills is to read other well-written ones. Try to choose a trending topic everyone is into these days or people won’t be interested in reading it. 

However, most of the students are already given topics to write about but if you’re not, take the advantage and write about something that interests you or something that is trending.

Pick a spot with no distractions so you peacefully do your research. I’d suggest going to a library and using the computers for your information as it will be much easier for you to google things instead of looking for information in books.

Once you’ve done your information, draft your essay, put in the information you’ve gathered, and make arguments about it. Also, form support sentences for your argument. Think about where you’ll put in your main ideas. Once you’ve drafted an essay. You won’t have to waste time thinking about what to write and where.

2. Write the body

Now you will have to execute the draft you’ve brainstormed, always remember that your essay should consist of at least 4-5 paragraphs. 

Firstly, given an introduction, the introduction should have a conversational element to it so that people enjoy reading it whereas if your intro is boring, the reader will not even finish the whole essay and will stop right there. 

You want people to think someone is talking to them while they read your essay and not some boring manual guide.

Every main idea should have its own paragraph and a supporting argument. This will give a brief introduction about your main idea and a sentence to support it in any way.

3. Conclusion

This part brings closure to your essay; you will give a brief review about the main ideas you’ll write or you’ve written. Write at least 4-5 lines to support all your main ideas.

This part brings closure to your written essay; you will give a brief review about the main ideas you’ll write or you’ve written. Write at least 4-5 lines to support all your main ideas.

Don’t submit without doing this last part, always proofread and check if you’ve made any mistakes. If there aren’t any mistakes, feel free to submit and ask for your teacher’s opinion on how to improve.

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