Know Murder Mystery Online Corporate Event?

Murder mystery online corporate event Our virtual murder mystery team development games are an excellent solution for adding intrigue and excitement to any event. They are great for team away days, corporate events, and groups of all sizes since they are designed to improve team bonding and communication.

Team Building Activities Based on a Virtual Detective Games

You may add whatever theme you like to the murder mystery & virtual detective games, such as James Bond, the 1920s, your favorite decade, skiing, and more! Everyone (or should we say every detective?) will find something to enjoy in our virtual murder mysteries. To bring the excitement and involvement of a classic murder mystery game to life, we employ augmented reality and a plethora of inventive, problem-solving challenges. Teams will be working against the time to solve the case and find out whodunit, from combing the murder scene and interviewing witnesses to solving riddles and putting together evidence.

Involving actors in our whodunit, paired with our mystery software and video conferencing, is a one-of-a-kind experience. We are the only murder mystery firm that offers a high-level, sophisticated, and immersive virtual team event. It’s simple to incorporate actors into your virtual or hybrid murder mystery.

Select a Murder Mystery Team Building Activity

Our murder mystery party virtual, hosted on our award-winning app, will have everyone working together and channeling their inner investigators. Whatever mystery topic you pick, you can be confident that your colleagues will be in for a fun, thrilling challenge with a twist!

Investigators Were Called to Cadaver Manor After a Body Was Found During a School Reunion.

A murder inquiry has been initiated after the death of globally known lawyer Laura Norder was discovered at Cadaver Manor yesterday night.

According to initial accounts, Miss Norder was at the house for a school reunion with other partygoers included a high-profile property mogul and professional athlete.

DCI Andrews, the investigation’s lead officer, stated, “We are actively examining the circumstances surrounding Laura Norder’s death at Cadaver Manor.” Unfortunately, we are unable to share any further information at this time due to the high profile of some of the attendees at yesterday night’s event.”


A specialized team of detectives in charge of the investigation is expected to arrive soon to begin reviewing evidence and communicating with critical suspects/witnesses to put together the sequence of events at Cadaver Manor. In this case, there is a strong sense of urgency to begin eliminating suspects and apprehending the murderer.

Murder in A Manor House

The murder at Cadaver Manor has been assigned to you and your colleagues to investigate. Participants in this team development exercise use augmented reality and image recognition technologies to unlock and review critical evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews. As you tour the crime scene using an interactive map, you’ll complete tasks and puzzles to help you gather evidence and aid in your investigation. Throughout this immersive, tablet-based murder mystery, points will be granted for answering observational and trivia questions correctly, as well as performing engaging picture and video chores… all while determining the weapon, killer, and reason

What will you discover?

  • Encourages strategic and logical thinking.
  • Encourages communication and improves problem-solving abilities
  • Encourages creative thinking

How does it work?

During pre-dinner cocktails, actors mix and circulate with guests in their distinctive theatrical way. After a brief introduction, dinner is given, and the actors join the diners to allow the theatrics to continue, allowing visitors to ask questions and delve deeper into the mystery! Alternatively, the performers can leave, leaving visitors to eat in peace. Guests are given clues and information between meals to help them figure out the narrative. Finally, the actors disclose “who dunnit” over coffee and proclaim the victorious team!

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