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Smartphone applications are becoming one of the most dominant and convenient forms of digital interaction for users as they promote ease of accessibility and a user-friendly interface. Mobile apps are gaining importance because these applications are available on various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, etc. and as a result, more customers can use the applications. Having an online presence for your business gives your company a good impression as customers can easily search for the products and services that you are offering. 

Applications help you gain customer loyalty because you provide a platform where they can easily interact with you and place their orders conveniently online. However, creating an application is not enough, you have to market your application as well to make people aware of your app. To make your app viral, you can offer incentives to your customers so that they share your app with others, which would be beneficial for both parties. Incentives like a 30% Discount upon Sharing or Free Gift Cards are considered to be very helpful for the growth of the business in the long-run.  

The competition in the online market is intense because many businesses are developing their applications and websites to serve the customers better. There is a new kind of customer in the making, the kind that buys everything online, from groceries to electronics. Therefore, it is important to launch your application with aggressive marketing strategies. It is worth mentioning the fact that you need a high-speed internet connection like AT&T Internet to run these tactics successfully, without any hassles. You wouldn’t want a lot of downtime at your end to be the death of your app before it even gets a fair chance.

Here are some of the ways to make your application successful in the market: 

Research Before You Develop the App 

Before you go ahead with the development of the application, conduct thorough research to get market and customer insights. This will help you in designing the application according to the needs and requirements of the customers which will make it more attractive than other apps available on app stores. To get customer insights, you can conduct surveys and research questionnaires as they enable you to learn more about your potential customers and their interests. 

However, it is not that easy to get those surveys filled by the customers because they might not be willing to spare some extra time for you. This is where you provide them with an incentive to motivate them for the surveys. Incentives can be in any form, for example; free subscription for the app, gifts, lucky draw tickets, etc. It is extremely important to understand what your customers want in the application because you need to provide them with a unique customer experience to become successful in the market. 

Engage Some Influencers 

To promote your application, you can avail the services of influential people like celebrities, politicians, and people who have a lot of fan following. When an influential personality endorses your brand, the fans immediately start using your app as they perceive it to be a trustworthy application. For example; Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor, endorsed TagHeuer and the company made significant profits after the marketing campaign due to increased sales revenue. Therefore, you should consider getting your app endorsed by a well-known individual who has a lot of fan following. 

Use Your Website 

If you have a website, you should market your app on it as it is the perfect platform for you. You can create a dedicated web page for your application where all the features and benefits of using your application can be posted for the users. This will create more publicity and awareness for your app and you will notice a significant increase in the number of people downloading your app. 

In order to ensure that maximum people know about your app through your website, you need to improve its ranking on search engine platforms so that people can easily find your website and learn about your application. In addition to this, you can also start a blog to explain the core function of your app so that people can easily understand its purpose and the features that are being offered. 

Send Promotional Emails to Customers 

Sending emails to your customers is important to remind them of your existence in the market. Promote your application through emails as it is usually an effective mode of marketing. When you are emailing your clients, make sure that you write short emails that are easy to read and understand because people do not prefer reading long emails. Moreover, you should offer customized deals to your customers to make them feel special. 

Most people do not read the entire email and therefore, you should mention the most important points at the beginning of the email so that maximum people can read your message. In addition to this, always insert a button that says Download Now so that people who want to download your app can easily do so. Highlight the most important features of your app in the email so that you can convince people to download your app. 

Include Short Videos 

Videos attract more viewers than simple text because people prefer watching videos over reading messages. Moreover, videos are easy to consume and the visual aspect makes it easier for the audience to remember your message. 

The videos that you create should be interesting and they should be short and to the point. The ideal duration of the video that you make should be around 30-35 seconds, not more than that. You need to make the most out of your video and make sure to deliver the message that you are trying to convey to the audience.

Promote Your App on App Stores 

Once you have developed your app, you need to promote it on different app stores so that you can reach maximum potential customers and generate traffic on your app. Apart from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you need to target smaller platforms as well as they are less competitive and have a lot of potentials. App stores like AppsLib, Amazon App Store, and Opera Mobile are good options to start with. You can advertise your application in these stores to attract new users to increase your market share. 


Apps should be interactive and they should provide solutions to the problems faced by the users. Moreover, you should try to come up with an icon that is unique for your app so that people can easily recognize your app and download it instantly. The more distinctive and catchy your app icon is, the more prospective clients you will attract. 

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