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PII is generally data that is used to identify an individual in specific. The most commonly considered PII are numbers of social security, mailing, and email ids, etc. As technology is growing, the scope of PII is considerably expanded. PII includes IP address, login Ids and posts on social media, and much more. PII can be further classified as Geolocation, biometric, and data. This definition creates privacy challenges and security when specific safeguards are spelled out in regulations. What type of regulations? It is like the General data protection regulation of the European Union.


 PII email_11FE1B3B7DDAC37A081F error occurs when your Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express is unable to make any connection with the Email server. The error might be caused due to one of the reasons given below

  • The first reason might be due to poor network connection or the mail server may be temporarily unavailable
  • · Setting might be incorrect so check the settings properly
  • · Damaged user profile on outlook
  • · Damaged email in POP3 server
  • · Incorrect Anti-virus software configuration
  • · Incorrect personal firewall software
  • · Low-quality software setup account

pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f Permanent Fix:

There are several methods to solve the problem as we all know that Microsoft Outlook is a popular email application that helps people send and receive emails instantly.


While using email outlooks, lots of information is stored in the database which may include all the broken and useless information. So, the first method is that you have to clear all the cookies and cache errors. How can you clear those? First, exit from the MS Outlook and open it again which might solve the issue. The alternative you can do is by uninstalling the old model and installing a new official outlook. It is important to restart the system after updating. Still, if you see the error again even clearing cache then you must definitely follow the next step.


The error may occur due to multiple accounts in the MS Outlook so to remove the duplicate account follow the steps given below

· Open the menu and go to the settings and click on the mailing option

· Till the end delete all other duplicate accounts that are visible on the screen

· After deleting the Multiple duplicate accounts check out the program


Using auto repair tools is one of the best ways to solve the error. Before starting, backup your email and then open the control panel. Find the application from the programs and properties tab and click on the tab and then edit the features and program. Once done, a new window will be opened from where you can make the previously mentioned steps.


To begin the process, uninstall the running program and again re-install from the scratch. After installing, open the program and check if the error is gone or still appears. Most probably the error will be gone but still, if you still find it, then the next method might help you.


As you know, the port number is one of the important components of the proper functioning software. If you see the error then check the port number and replace another number for the further operation of the software. With all the above-given methods you can easily solve the error PII_email_11FE1B3B7DDAC37A081F


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