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Reasons To Choose A Fabric Sofa  

Today, every home has a sofa or a couch in one of the rooms. The sofa is considered an essential part of a furnished home and often serves as one of the social gathering points in a home. The sofa can be a fabric sofa or a leather sofa. Let’s find out a bit more of the history of how sofas came into being before diving into reasons why a fabric sofa from top sellers like Wakefit is considered a better choice by industry experts.

History Of The Modern Sofa

Did you know that sofas were considered a luxury till the 19th century? The sofa dates back to ancient Egypt when the tombs of pharaohs were furnished for their afterlife. This has helped historians learn a lot more about how life was in those days. The ancient Romans and Egyptians reserved luxurious furniture like sofas and couches for their royalty and social elites. It wasn’t until the 1500s that upholstered furniture made an appearance in the West. As people started finding new ways to protect themselves from the harsh elements of weather, they were more willing to use fabric for other purposes like upholstering furniture. Till then, seating was most often in the form of a hard bench.

Initially, the Germans used horsehair padding as a form of padding in upholstered furniture to make it comfortable and better suited for sitting. At the same time, the English used dried sea moss for the same purpose. The Italians are credited with adding backrests and arms to the sofa during the Renaissance period. Although upholstered chairs were already in existence, they became more popular during this time period. You may have noticed that several famous paintings from the Renaissance period feature an upholstered chair. Within no time, a down pillow was added to the upholstered chair for further comfort. Minor changes were made to the stuffing process, such as adding buttons for secure padding and so on.

Once the Industrial Revolution began in the nineteenth century, upholstery furniture went through major changes. Inventions like coil springs, sewing machines were used to create better versions of the upholstered chair. The raw material used to make a sofa included good quality wood for the frame, upholstery fabric and padding for the sofa like cotton and fibre. So we can see that fabric was the initial upholstery fabric used to manufacture sofas and couches. Even today, fabric couches seem to have the upper hand over other couches in the market.

While leather sofas might seem sophisticated and elegant, fabric sofas have always been a favourite among homeowners across the globe. The fabric used for upholstery differed in texture, material and design. While the trending sofa models tend to change every year, people tend to prefer fabric sofas regardless of the sofa model.

Top Reasons To Choose Fabric Sofas

If you are on a tight budget, fabric sofas are right up your alley. They are more affordable compared to leather sofas.

  • You have a wide range of colours, shades, textures and patterns to choose from unlike other types of couches or sofas.
  • Fabric sofas are easy to maintain and can be easily washed to a large extent.
  • Fabric sofas can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can opt for a fabric sofa cum bed if you are short on space.
  • Fabric sofas do not get tear marks or scratches easily like leather sofas.
  • Fabric sofas are better suited for homes with young kids or pets.
  • Fabric sofas look has a chic and contemporary look that complements modern décor.
  • Fabric sofas suit small and large spaces, unlike leather sofas which look good in larger rooms only.
  • Come rain or shine, fabric sofas are perfect for every season. They do not become sticky or rough like leather as the season changes
  • You can give your fabric sofa makeover by getting it reupholstered without spending on a new couch!
  • With so many sofa fabric material options you don’t have to worry about finding a fabric sofa that suits your home décor style.

As you can see, it is clear how fabric sofas are more durable, versatile and comfortable compared to leather sofas. Additionally, they do not require a lot of care and yet will last for several years without the need for a replacement. If you are on the market for a new sofa, the stunning colours and patterns are sure to win your heart over at first sight.

Fabric sofas are high on functionality, and this is one of the compelling reasons why most homeowners prefer to bring a fabric sofa home rather than a leather sofa. While a leather sofa may look sleek and stylish, it is not exactly well known for its comfortable seating. If you have young kids or pets at home, protecting your leather sofa from accidental scratches and tears can turn into a nightmare.

Fabric sofas can be used to make a fashion statement and also for curling up with your better half while you catch up with the latest episodes of your favourite show. Since fabric sofas come in different sizes and shapes, it won’t be too difficult to find one that suits your requirements. You can even have them custom-made by reliable furniture manufacturers.

One of the reasons why fabric sofas are known as family-proof sofas is their ability to take on plenty of wear and tear. However, if you are opting for a pure white fabric sofa and have young kids at home, it may be a good idea to rethink your decision! One of the reasons you see more fabric sofas in homes, lounges, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, and offices is their resistance to wear and tear. They come in contemporary and modern designs, making everyone find a fabric sofa that they fall in love with. Once you have owned a fabric sofa and experienced the comfort it offers, you will understand why fabric sofas have stood the test of time. So gear up and order a fabric sofa set online today!

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