Rise Of The Podcast

Though almost all streaming and news websites now feature podcasts, ET Play has carved out a niche for itself because of its innovative and well-researched content in this space. The platform provides podcasts on a wide range of topics, which are engaging and well-narrated.

The popularity of podcasts has been on the rise since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. For a population stuck at home for endless hours, the audio medium provided information and entertainment to millions worldwide. ET Play is a leading player in this field, as it has become the go-to place for information on business, economy, markets and politics.

ET Play on business and economy:

Always heard terms like inflation, capital investment and recession but wondered what they truly meant. We have heard that the pandemic led to job losses but what are the complex economic forces at play that influence these factors? ET Play’s well-researched podcasts will help you delve deep into these topics and explain complex concepts in a lucid manner.

For the 75th Independence Day, ET Play also did a special series of podcasts focussing on the lives of businessmen celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship.

ET Play on the market:

Understanding the market can sometimes be a tricky business. Ever wondered why certain stocks go up or down and how that is influenced by the larger market forces? Or what caused the job market crisis and when is the next real estate boom? These are some of the questions that the podcasts explain in detail.

And not just the issues, the ET Play podcasts also help shape a robust understanding of the market which equips you well to make informed choices. From discussions on tech giants to exciting developments like NFTs and the metaverse, these podcasts have it all. Just tune in and it will be time well spent!

ET on news and politics:

The ET Play podcasts also have a firm focus on news and politics. The episodes cover everything, starting from India’s foreign policy to the global economic crisis, and the Russia-Ukraine war.

The podcasts help keep you informed about the most important global events and also analyse them in depth. It is also your go-to place to keep yourself updated on the most important events in Indian politics.

Start your mornings with ET Play

From the podcasting revolution to the Commonwealth Games, eSports and the COVID-19 pandemic, ET Play’s special “Morning Brief’ podcast touches upon all the burning issues of the day. Can there be a better way to start your day than sipping on your morning tea while you listen to a podcast on why podcasts are popular in the first place?

Featuring renowned guests from all walks of life, these episodes are a fascinating window into the worlds of business, economics, politics and sports. The content is always engaging and the conversations are thought-provoking. And the biggest takeaway is that you get to learn so much even when you are listening to an episode on your favourite topic.

For more interesting news updates and in-depth discussions on current affairs, log on to ET Play now and get listening!

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