Should I Choose the Best Dysport Near Me or Botox?

Since it was given approval from the FDA around 20 years ago, botox has become one of the most widely-enjoyed cosmetic products around. Able to treat forehead lines, crow’s feet and other fine lines, it’s popular with customers across the US. However, how do I know that I shouldn’t choose the best dysport near me instead?

Dysport was launched on the US market almost a full decade after botox appeared, although it had been used in Europe during this time. In order to understand which is right for you, it really does come down to understanding how each one works and what each one offers. 

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A Lot of Similarities Exist Between the Two

When comparing botox with dysport, you’ll find that there are lots of similarities in that they’re both types of neurotoxin and can be great for smoothing out fine lines in certain areas on the face. Further to that, both the best dysport near me and botox can be used for medical conditions like facial twitches and severe sweating issues. 

They’re treatments that are delivered the same way too, as both are injected by specially-trained practitioners under the skin. They shouldn’t be confused with fillers though, as they’re used to minimise muscle movement, rather than simply fill them in.

There Are Quite a Few Differences Too

A couple of ways in which botox does differ from dysport is how long the effects of the treatment lasts for and how much of the toxin is required to deliver the desired results. Botox will usually last around 6 months from the time it’s injected, whereas best dysport near me lasts about 4 – according to the FDA.

In order to highlight more differences, let’s take a look at each type a bit more closely…

Firstly Dysport 

Usually, dysport is used to treat glabella lines – which is a fancy way of saying the creases that form between a person’s eyebrows. These lines are most often vertical and become more apparent when the person in question frowns.

As a result of being more diluted than botox, dysport is intended for those who’s glabella lines are on the moderate side. Of course, your dermatologist will be able to tell you how severe yours are. Because of it’s characteristics, dysport is not approved for use anywhere other than the glabella lines when it comes to cosmetic applications. 

And Botox…

So, given that botox is a stronger version of botulinum toxin than best dysport near me, it’s designed for use by people with more noticeable lines, all over the face – not just between the eyebrows.

The number of units required to achieve the results you’re after will depend much on you and how bad your wrinkles are, but at its essence, this is the main difference between the two.

So, There You Have It!

So, when all is said and done, it’s all a matter of what kind of work you need doing, as botox is the only type that can be used on areas other than where glabella lines form. Everything else, as they say, is academic!

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