The defunct Benson & Hedges Cup

The English County Championship is not the only competition where several cricket county clubs participate. You can visit 1xBet – your betting website features the best possible wagers on all that kind of competitions.

A tournament that took place between 1972 and 2002 was the Benson & Hedges Cup. This was a competition whose games were played in one-day format, and several first-class county clubs took part in it.

Across its history, the competition saw a slight modification to how the matches were played. Specifically, its first matches were played with 55 overs. Right now, your betting website 1xBet offers plenty of options to wager on some fantastic limited-overs cricket contests.

However, in order to more easily accommodate its matches during a day, this was later reduced to just 50 overs.

Format of the competition

During most of its editions, the Benson & Hedges Cup divided its participants into groups that were geographically organized. The best teams from each of those groups went into a knockout phase. Once the final was reached, the teams that qualified to it faced each other at the legendary Lord’s venue. Punters can go to in order to wager on other fantastic matches that are played in this venue.

However, in later editions, the format saw a major change in order to make it slightly shorter to accommodate it in the English cricket calendar. From 1994 onwards, the championship was played in a purely knockout format. Of course, the final match of the competition was still played at Lord’s. All first-class cricket teams from England can be wagered on the amazing 1xBet betting platform.

Fantastic players

Of course, as happens in plenty of other cricket competitions played in England, some incredible players have taken part in it. There were some excellent captains of the English national team that also delivered memorable performances while playing in this competition. Some of those names are Nasser Hussain and Mike Atherton. Punters can visit in order to wager on other excellent names that delight cricket fans.

Other players who have performed greatly in this championship include:

  • Viv Richards;
  • Ken Higgs;
  • Mark Alleyne;
  • Aravida de Silva
  • and Ben Hollioake.

Of course, not all of them were English players. Many of them went to have incredible matches on other cricket national teams from all over the world. The 1xBet online bookmaker has lots of opportunities to wager on different cricket national squads.

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