The Importance of Greenhouse

Greenhouses are also important and beneficial for the plant world and horticulture, in the same way, that greenhouse effect is significant for the planet. The greenhouse effect is when the sun’s heat, energy and radiation get trapped around on earth instead of being reflected and released back into the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are the ones that are responsible for this trapping and these gases include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, ozone, water vapours and some artificial chemical substances including chlorofluorocarbons.

These gases trapping the sun’s heat results in the warming of the earth’s surface and consequently the rising of the temperature. It is a crucial process for the purpose of regulating the earth’s temperature since without it, the earth could end up having extreme temperatures similar to the lunar environmental conditions.

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However, the excess of greenhouse effect can prove to be hazardous too, the effects of which we are already beginning to witness as a result of an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases due to air pollution.

Greenhouses work in a similar fashion by trapping the heat of the sunlight inside using the process of convection. However, this is mostly for the advantage of plants that need protection from cold and more intense weather and environmental conditions. Greenhouses are also used for the growth of certain plants at any given time during the year even when it’s not the plant’s season.

You can create the desired environmental conditions for the growth of said plant by controlling and regulating the temperature inside the greenhouse. This process is also commonly used in more high-altitude countries mainly for a more diverse and abundant food supply.

The Importance of Greenhouses

There are various kinds of fruits and vegetables and flowering plants or tobacco and others that are grown inside the greenhouses. Depending upon the abilities and specifications of the greenhouse, the elements of temperature, shade, light, humidity, irrigation and fertilizer supply etc can be controlled. Greenhouses are majorly made of either glass or plastic. However, some may have a structure built out of bamboo wood or some other types of wood.

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Following are a few points insisting on the importance of greenhouses and what might their significance be towards the plantation, agriculture and horticulture worlds.

  • It is possible to grow plants and crops that might otherwise not grow into a particular area due to the seasonal and environmental conditions there. It’s also feasible to grow crops at a time of the year that is not their season. This might help with a viable and diverse food supply in places with severe environmental conditions.
  • The time required i.e duration of the cropping can be controlled, tweaked and reduced too inside a greenhouse. And not just that, but the quality of the crops can be improved too with the help of various greenhouse features.
  • Since greenhouses trap humidity and moisture, the plants need significantly less irrigation as compared to general farming.
  • Apart from conditions like temperature, lighting and humidity, harmful pests are also regulated and removed from the space very effectively.
  • It is the most viable and efficient method of producing healthy plants and crops in terms of both quality as well as quantity.

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