The main hearts to create a great restaurant website

Online business is booming. So is the restaurant business. Many stores are starting to turn their business from the front to the online world a lot but how to do it our restaurant website is different and well known, where to start?

Today, Web design company Singapore will introduce tips for creating a great restaurant website. Then the sales that will follow will definitely skyrocket.

  1. Find yourself and your customers.

What makes us different from others is the identity of oneself so does web building. The principle of creating a restaurant website is to find a favorite food genre. And most importantly, who is your right customer? It can be a help in web design, such as healthy food groups. The customer group is a group of health lovers. Your restaurant website may use green tones, creams, a healthy feel, etc.

  1. The right template

After finding a favorite genre you need to find the right format for your restaurant website. Typical of a ready-made website there will be many templates to choose from according to your preferences to guide or it can be adapted to suit your web style.

  1. Content hit

A good website must have the right content for its customers. It is also an important part of building SEO to promote our website to be known help increase customer base By creating content that starts with defining keywords related to the content of the restaurant website. And as a guideline for writing as well, such as a health food restaurant website, keyword, food menu, content, a food menu that is healthy must not be missed, etc.

  1. Contact channels

The restaurant website should have a comment area for the customers who visit the website. Other channel corners of the store for more contact options and in the store map Convenient to come to the shop. It helps to increase the credibility of the shop as well. All in all, this is a guide to how your restaurant website can be. Just pay attention to details can reach customers

Cool features that a ‘restaurant website’ must have

In a poor economy many businesses are starting to expand to be online more and more.

Restaurant is another business that turn to catch online because most customers turn to order online and deliver more and more restaurant website Therefore, there are many more as well. Restaurant owner about to open a new website or ponder restaurant website what are we missing? Which part needs to be adjusted? Today we come to check the list. Which website features? To make your restaurant website Most perfect!

  1. Slide Banner to promote a great menu

What will catch the eye of the customer first? When entering the website what can be if not banner?

This is the banner. That will help your store to promote great menus or promotions during that time as well. Not just a single image, but a Banner on the website can be made into a Slide to put up to 10 images at once. You can also set a time to change the banner as well.

2) Show beautiful pictures of delicious dishes through the Gallery.

Images are the first step to make a customer make a purchase decision. Creating a gallery of food menus on the homepage will help attract customers’ attention.  Especially if you have beautiful food pictures and various angles or photos of food reviews from customers it makes the food in your restaurant more interesting and stimulates your appetite!

3) Order food with Online Form

Many Web development company Singapore websites may have already set up food orders. But another interesting feature is making online forms. 

Online Form responds a lot to restaurants that open for reservations for special menus. Or order a special menu, especially such as a cake shop, a bakery that will have a message on the cake. Choose the flavor of the cake or set a date to receive the cake 

Online form it will allow you to create a form that must be specified in the order. Come to customer’s right on the web page which can be created similar to Google forms. There will be notified via email immediately, very convenient. 

4) There is a map on the web (Google Maps).

Of course, a business with a storefront would like customers to travel to buy food at the shop as well

Which on the website can bring Google Map to show the shop location by connecting to Google API through our system because people are always searching for new restaurants if a customer comes across your website and wants to try it? Having a map pinned location for customers to complete will make it easy for customers to come to your store.  In addition, Google Maps can also add reviews, press ratings to encourage new customers. At the search, we decided to come and try your food as well.

5) Tell about delicious restaurants via social share.

Restaurants in this era are born because of social media a lot. Your website will open a feature to share products, articles, or photo albums on social media. It’s something that absolutely must not be overlooked. Whether it’s sharing via Facebook, LINE, Pinterest, or Twitter, when your customers visit the website and see this restaurant looking delicious, they can click on the social icon to continue sharing It is a simple restaurant promotion distribution that does not require a single penny.

You know, let’s start!

Now that you know this, try logging in to check your restaurant’s website quickly. So let’s make your restaurant website more perfect than anyone else by adding these features to your website. Guaranteed that customers will definitely be impressed!

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