Top board games in 2021

What if confinement had revived board games? They are booming! If you want to prevent everyone from staying all day in their corner with their smartphone in hand, their computer, glued to the sofa in front of a series running all day, board games are indeed a good option. The growing success of video games has not dampened the interest in board games on the part of children, adolescents and even adults. If the great classics still amuse so much, it is good that there is a magic born of well-being together and a moment of sharing with the family. We still laugh out loud at historic games that have become legendary and we are surprised to see the last generations get carried away by playing a version of Monopoly, brought up to date or soma prime build.


Very playful, Codenames is a game of association of ideas and knowledge which brings together 2 to 8 players. Each one becomes, with the choice, either a master-spy, or an agent on mission. The goal of the game: to be the first to find the code name behind which your informants are hiding. To do this, you have to listen carefully to the clues provided by friendly informants while avoiding the murderer.


The Loups-Garous pocket game by Himself Thiercelleux is addicting! It is played with a minimum of 6 or 8 people. Are you looking for an unusual party game to liven up your evenings with family or friends? This original game is for you. Also online, its rules are quickly assimilated and its extensions involve you more … it’s simple, you will devour it!


Dixit is an easy game that appeals to the imagination and fosters the creativity of the whole family. Each player discovers the soul of a storyteller to make guess the card he has chosen with a sound, a word or a sentence.


This bluff game is fun for young and old alike. Each player embodies a dwarf who digs a gallery to search for gold, but some are saboteurs who hamper the mission. The games are fast and the suspense reigns until the end!

The adventurers of the rail

Brilliantly addictive, Les Aventuriers du Rail takes you aboard trains in Europe. The goal ? Connect as many cities as possible! An arduous task full of suspense for the whole family!


Very easy to understand, Azul immerses you in the shoes of a 16th century craftsman in charge of decorating the walls of the Royal Palace in Evora, Portugal. A strategic and aesthetic game at will.

Disney board game for children

Play as one of the six greatest villains in the Disney universe (Prince John, Maleficent, Ursula, Captain Hook, Jafar or frightened 5e) and face off against other players in asymmetrical play matches. Guaranteed atmosphere!


Simple and funny word and guessing game, Concept d’Asmodée evolves teams of players and their pawns. He plays on everyone’s imagination and creativity to make one guess what is the concept described! When you have guessed the word, you accumulate as many points as possible… and you win! Fun above all, this game puts your thinking, your vitality of mind and your sense of humor into action.

White eat coco

This game for adults where you have to complete empty sentences is famous for the fits of giggles it causes. Politically incorrect, to win the game, you have to know how to show a lot of humor!


We couldn’t find better in this period of confinement. In Pandemic, players join forces and move from town to town to find the cure for four pandemics that could wipe out mankind!


Embark on a race where you play as the first settlers to set foot on the island of Catania in Sicily. Players must use strategy and negotiation to develop faster than other cities and roads!

7 Wonders

This card and strategy game puts you at the head of one of the seven great cities of the ancient world that you must make prosper during 3 ages, by constructing Buildings and Wonders, until victory.

Board game with friends

Above all, do not be ashamed of it and have no limits! The Limit game is full of lines and words of black humor or all-out quirky. Rather reserved for adults rather reserved or those who dare to leave their reserve! Do you like games with simple rules and are you fond of endless fun with friends? This game is just for friends and, like friendship, it has no limits! 


TTMC (How much do you put?) Is a game of atmosphere and general culture quiz that can be played up to 16 players. With an increasing level of difficulty, self-assess your knowledge on subjects as classic as they are wacky! You can also learn from [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea]

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