Vastu tips for living room by best astrologers in India 

In India, it is an undisputed truth that when building a house, special consideration needs to be taken of the Vastu Shastra. For the unaware, Vastu Shastra are texts on the traditional Indian system of architecture that advise people on the best directions and placement of things at the home, office, etc. to attract positive energies in such places. And as our home is where we spend most of our time, it becomes the most important element of Vastu Shastra. Hence, the best astrologer in India will always advise you to go by the Vastu plan when building yourself a house.

Interestingly, there are many components that make a full-fledged home, such as a kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc., and all of these components have distinct Vastu plans. But in this blog, our special focus would be on gathering the best Vastu tips that one can remember when building oneself a living room. And well well, the tips will ensure that you don’t have to Google astrologer near me to get the precious information for yourself.

Living room negative energy and Vastu

A lot of time, non-compliance with the astrology rules results in bringing negative energy to your doorstep. And the same negative energy is such that it can disrupt the peace in the life of the individual, bringing inauspicious results across all aspects of life such as marriage, career, finance, and whatnot for him. Hence, it is always the best idea to ward off these negatives in the first place, and these astrology tips can help you in doing so.

Vastu tips remove negative energy from the living room

  • The first tip by Vastu-expert astrologer to make the living room a happy place is to build in the living room as many windows as possible. More windows allow the transmission of positive energy in the living room of the native.
  • Also, the living room should always be bigger than all the other rooms in the house.
  • One should never put a picture that shows a child or person crying or in sorrow in the living room.
  • Any kind of electrical appliance should be placed in the southeast direction in the living room.
  • At the same time, there must always be an almirah in the south direction to make the living room Vastu compatible.
  • The best place to tuck a TV in the living room is the south wall.
  • The arrangement of tables and chairs in the living room should be such that there is no problem in commuting.
  • Along with this, to eliminate the negative energy of the living room, the living room should be made in the north or northeast direction.

Vastu tips to remember when decorating your living room 

  • To remove any kind of negative forces from the house, the best tip is that you light a lamp or candle every evening in the living room.
  • At the same time, you can also light a lamp or candle at the place of worship or meditation, which will benefit you a lot financially.
  • Online astrology claims that you must definitely plant flowers in the living room, as per Vastu Shastra.
  • At the same time, instead of artificial flowers, you should use natural flowers in your living room.
  • The colours of the walls and ceiling should also be different.
  • Always keep the house and living room clean. Because when the house is clean, positive energy comes into the house.

Follow these tips and make your living room a happy place. For more such tips, you can talk to astrologers on Astrotalk for FREE.

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