Was the Vikings Brutal?

Over time, there have been various groups who have struck dread into the hearts of people who heard their name, as well as those who saw them coming. The Vikings were one of those groups of people. They are famous in their time for their brutal deeds.

In 789, the Vikings first arrived on British shores. It was the people of Wessex that originally expanded the hand of cautious harmony. The Vikings are severe. Read on to uncover some vital facts about this deadly group.

7 Facts About the Vikings

The Vikings are known for their toughness and brutality. Below are some facts about this strong group.

The main drive for their brutality

How do the Vikings begin raiding? A well-known theory was recommended about one thousand years ago by Dudo of St. Quentin. The nuts and bolts are it was that the Vikings embraced polygyny, which suggests that a man can have wives and concubines.

The more powerful a man is, the more women he can get. The problem arose when several powerful Vikings were acquiring many wives. That also means each man did not have his own. This led to a group of Vikings touring neighboring towns, raiding them, and taking young women for their bachelors.

Active in slave trade

Viking assaults were not just about looting from fortunes and killing, they were additionally about supporting an imperative piece of the Viking economy – which is slavery and slave trade. According to studies, most Viking slaves were taken from Eastern Europe and the British Isles. Sometimes, local Vikings who carried out crimes at home were likewise decreased to the status of slave. Although there is not many records for the sort of daily routines Viking slaves experienced, some archeologists were able to sort out a few pretty horrendous subtleties.

Most Viking men engaged in farming

You may be disappointed by this. However, most Viking men waved grass cutters, not swords. It is valid that some of them were insensitive pirates who only ventured off their boats to burn towns, yet most calmly planted grain, oats, and rye for the most part of the year. They likewise raised goats, sheep, cattle, and pigs on their little ranches, which normally yielded barely sufficient food to help a family.

They used an extraordinary fluid to light fires

It may surprise you that the Vikings are clean freaks – they are very hygiene. Also, they have no doubts about saddling the power behind one human waste product. The presence of sodium nitrate in urine would permit the material to smolder instead of burning. The Vikings will therefore be able to always take fire with them.

They skied for entertainment 

It has been over 6,000 years ago that the Scandinavians have created primitive skis – even though it was the ancient Russians who initially invented them.

By the Viking Age, Norsemen viewed skiing as a productive method for getting around. It was also a popular type of amusement. They also adored a divine force of skiing, called Ullr.

Their women had some fundamental rights

Viking young ladies often got hitched as young as twelve years. They were required to mind the family while their spouses cruised off with adventures. Even with that, Viking women do enjoy more freedom than other women from elsewhere.

They were also allowed to inherit properties and request for divorce, as long as they are not thralls. They may also reclaim dowries should their marriage end.


The history of the Vikings is quite exciting. It surrounds the adventures of a brutal group, longing to conquer the world around them. Finally, you can visit Viking store to get their items.

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