What Gifts You Can Buy for Your Friend’s First Anniversary

The first anniversary is very special for every couple. Use one of the meaningful and unique anniversary gift ideas to do another year for your friend’s happiness in marriage. Use a thoughtful gift to help friends celebrate and make an already special day even more special.

Although there are wedding anniversary gifts for friends everywhere on the Internet, personal contact or careful thinking can make it better. If you are worried about what gift to give on the 1st anniversary of your friend, then you are not alone! This article has collected some of the most unique, thoughtful, and beautiful 1stwedding anniversary gift ideas that you can use to please your friends.


A bunch of flowers can do whatever you want. If you want them to be happy, you should choose a multi-layered bouquet. This kind of flower arrangement will look good and will definitely attract the attention of all the guests present. If you are not able to meet your friend due to some reasons, you can send flowers to your friends in Gurgaon by using flower delivery Gurgaon.

Customizable Silver Tray

The silver tray will be a surprise for couples celebrating the 1st anniversary of their love. Such exquisite gifts can include engravings, such as their names, anniversaries, and wedding dates.


If you have known a couple for a long time, you may have shared some time to connect with them through food and laughter. If you have, you may have clicked some pictures with you and them. It’s time to use these golden souvenirs as anniversary gifts. You can use their marriage, bachelor party, or some party photos to make this gift special.

Stylish Travel Bags

Encourage the couple to travel together and have a good time together. Although your lifestyle is very busy, you can choose to give away a set of fashionable travel bags, one for him and one for her. No wonder this useful gift will definitely make the couple very happy and inspire them to go to any exotic destination and revive their bond.

Husband and Wife Wall Art

There is nothing more alike than the bond that a man and wife share. If your friends are lucky enough to have an amazing husband/wife, then you should consider giving them this on their 1st anniversary. You can also add the dates of important milestones in the relationship.

Personalized Mr & Mrs. Pillow Set

Mr & Mrs. Pillow Set is a great gift for couples. This can be suitable for all budgets. If you know the couple very well, you can even get a personalized pillow set with personalized text or images.

Plan a Surprise Anniversary Cake

If you have a close relationship with your friend, the surprise anniversary cake is one of the most memorable anniversary gift ideas. Whether it is the first anniversary of the 25th anniversary, this cake will make the celebration even more special. You can also get other amazing anniversary cake ideas for friends on the internet.

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