What is new in PMBOK 7th edition?

For the reviewing of the project management community, PMI has announced the 7th edition of PMBOK. This addition is supposed to be released in August, most probably on the 1st of August. People need to have certain platforms on which they can get prepared for PMP exams. It is to be mentioned that PMBOK 7th edition is one of the best platforms on which people can prepare for the PMP exam. The majority of PMP training providers prepare for PMP study materials that are based on PMBOK content. PMBOK 7th edition is the best guide for CAPM and PMP certification tracks. PMI is making regular changes according to the requirements, and every new edition has something new in it, and sometimes the whole content gets changed.

Until the 7th edition, the main focus of PMBOK was on project management skills and techniques. Modern technologies have increased the competition among these techniques. The life cycles of products are shorter, and the requirements for the products and projects are continuously changing over time. Applicants can have an overview of PMBOK 7th edition at SPOTO PMBOK 7th edition overview.

It is quite impossible for people to welcome the changes by using traditional and old-fashioned project management skills. For this purpose, PMBOK has to be renewed for better convenience for the people. 

PMP is one of the most authentic and reasonable projects management certifications that is used by people all over the world. PMBOK is the basic content for the PMP certification exam. The 7th edition of the PMBOK exam is relevant to the upcoming trends, famous frameworks, and management dynamics as the trends are regularly changing, so PMBOK has to be updated every three to five years. You can get more information about PMP certification and the effective methods to pass the test and get PMP certification.

There are certainly new things that people can find in the new and 7th editions of PMBOK. In PMBOK 7th edition, the project management standards are based on principles instead of depending upon the process. There are certain PMBOK knowledge areas, and every previous PMBOK has processed. The 7th edition of PMBOK has principles that are accepted worldwide and are practiced. This does falsify the process-based approaches being irrelevant and useless. 

PMI has announced the changes in PMBOK 7th edition, and the basic change in the new edition and previous editions is the changing of process-based project management to principle-based project management. The 7th edition of PMBOK relies on the principles and outcomes of the projects instead of focusing on inputs, outputs, techniques, and tools.

There are more performance domains than knowledge areas in PMBOK 7th edition.  More and more digital platforms are linked with the 7th edition of PMBOK. The 7th edition of PMBOK shows the emerging and current deliveries of projects that are used by project practitioners.

The majority of the people are interested in performing the best in the PMP exam and get PMP certification. However, it is to be mentioned that PMP certification expires after every three years and PMP certificate holders have to renew it.

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