What to Wear to the Beach in the Winter?

Are you planning to spend your vacation in the beach during the winter period? One thing that you must be wondering of is what type of clothes to wear. Winter guarantees cold weather. To ensure you have a great time at the beach, you will have to wear things that will ensure comfort.

A good number of American beaches are known to be wild during the winter season. However, for you to stay put for a longer time and ensure you enjoy yourself requires that you dress well.

We will be taking you some of the important things to consider when choosing the right wear for the beach during the winter season.

Go for Fast Drying Fabrics

During winter months, most beaches are known to be very cold. When packing your clothes to go for your vacation to the beach during the winter season, it is advisable that you go for long pants or capris as they are very easy to pull or fold at the ankles.  The hems will never drag on the wet sand. There are possibilities pants will always get damp, hence, it is highly recommended that you avoid packing wool, denim or synthetic fiber pants.

Track pants and leggings are very ideal. Ensure you put on a close fitting tank top or a t-shirt that is topped with shirts that are long sleeved, sweater or a sweatshirt.

Keep Wind and Sun Protection in Mind When Packing

During the winter months, UV index are always low to moderate. However, due to the large and bright sea or ocean surface, there is possibility of one sustaining sun damage from a short winter beach visit.  Ensure you carry some sunscreen and a brimmed hat that fits you snugly.

Do not forget to bring sunglasses to help protect your eyes from wind and sun rays.  It would be perfect if you can carry a hooded windbreaker especially if you are sensitive to cold. You can consider packing a thin beach blanket that you will be wrapping around your shoulder whenever you are walking along the beach.

Get Washable and Walkable Footwear

During the winter seasons, it’s usually cold outside there, wearing sandals or flip flops at the beach will not be enough to protect you against the chill. In case it has snowed or rained recently, it is advisable that you put on rubber boots after the warm socks. In case you are in Cat Tail Bay Conway SC and plan to fly to the beach and do not have enough space in the suitcase, consider carrying the low boots. You can settle for a pair of machine washable canvas or old sneakers.  Always carry some extra pair of socks to change after walking along the beach.

Bikinis are the Best

Never assume that being winter all the beaches are always cold and empty, there are some that attract sunbathers. Ensure you always check water temperatures and forecast before you pack your items.  Pack long sundresses, nylon pants, cardigan or a button down shirt. The pieces are comfortable and warm enough to pull over the wet suit.

We hope the article has been of great help to you and you now know what things to wear when visiting the beach during the winter months.

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