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What You Need to Know About Building an Animal-Proof Fence

Why would you want to fence your garden?

Gardeners fence their gardens because they understand that not everyone enjoys fresh food. The animals that live in your region will require food, and your hard work may be destroyed within a few hours.

Can you plant food in a fence-free area?

There are a variety of options available such as sprays, fish line or guard dogs, and peeing all around the perimeter. While these options may be effective for a time however, animals are smart enough to learn the techniques. Critter Fence can be used to safeguard your family from predators. While it may cost more up front but the fence will eventually be worth it as you begin to grow your own food from your garden. It’s easy to go to bed at night knowing you’re ready for whatever comes up. Through the years, I’ve observed four different types of fencing and have learned lots about what makes fences efficient. Here are six suggestions to create a safe garden fence.

#1 Be sure to keep animals out by ensuring it’s sufficiently tall

While it might seem simple to build your fence tall enough however, the amount of height is required to keep animals out may differ. Deer are the most common reason why high garden fences are required throughout the nation. Here’s what I’ve learned about keeping deer off my initial garden fence measured three feet tall (see image above). It was in my backyard. Even though we saw deer often however, I’d never ever seen one crossing the fence before so I decided to take a risk. For the remaining two years we lived in the house I was fortunate to not have deer cross the fence. Garden was heading in the same direction that I had seen deer wandering about the garden. The fence was constructed eight feet high as I did not want to take a chance. The fence was constructed this high after I saw stories of deer jumping over fences up to six feet on the internet.

We also built a fence around the same area of our yard years after. To reduce costs, we built another fence that was twice as tall. It’s about 5.5 feet tall and has not been broken by deer. While we do have pressure from deer however, I see them in the fence each day. What is the fence’s height? What is the population of deer that live in your area? Do you have a buffer zone within your garden’s boundaries? While deer are able to jump fences up to six feet, they will not be as fast when they think it’s too far to traverse. In my garden, there is a border of four feet which surrounds it. It makes it appear as if there’s more room to walk across. The 5.5 yard fence seems ideal for me. A 8-foot fence was too big for me.

#2 set the fence lower than the surface

There’s a good chance you’ll have small animals that want to eat all the work you’ve done. There are voles, moles, rabbits as well as armadillo’s mice, squirrels, moles and Skunks. These animals love digging under fences to find food sources. We made use of cattle panels and chicken wire to construct my eight-foot high fence. It was just two inches thick, but it was not enough. A determined armadillo swarmed under my fence, and destroyed nearly all the plants I owned. We constructed a 12″ trench using trenchers, and some of it was dug by hand because of the rocky soil. It was placed at a depth of one foot. What result did you get? The result is a Success!

#3 Use meshes made of hardware as the foundation of your fence.

Even though it’s expensive half-inch hardware mesh can be used in keeping animals of small size away from the garden. To keep larger animals away it is recommended to use this mesh coupled with a high fence. A 1-inch chicken wire fence wasn’t enough to keep rabbits from my garden. It’s not a good idea for voles too. If you’re dealing with gophers, voles or moles, I’d suggest that the mesh be placed between 6 and 12 inches deep. Mice can squeeze through holes that are as small as pencils when they are present.

#4 correctly sets up the fence

You’ll want to make sure it’s properly installed after having put in the time and effort of purchasing and installing the fence. Wire fences should be pulled using the help of a pull-along device. It is important to not leave gaps or weak points in the fence when you are employing it to prevent animal cruelty. There is a high chance that an animal could discover one if it is there.

#5 will modify if needed

Imagine that you have put up fencing to deter deer and later discover that you’ve got problems with rabbits. It’s time to change your plans! It’s not necessary to build an entirely new fence in the majority of instances. A second layer of security is required to safeguard your fence. To stop rabbits from digging through the fence, put in a hardware mesh at the bottom. It is also possible to include electric fencing strands along the perimeter to guard against rabbits. Wire the bottom 2 inches above the ground, and the top wire is four inches above the ground. It is also possible to add electrical wire to the top of the wire if you require extra security.

#6 Pay attentions to areas that need repair

Maintaining your fence in the garden is just as crucial as installing it. This means that you must ensure you have a fence that is in good condition and the energizers are operating properly. It is also possible to replace timber that has rotted or make sure that the mesh isn’t being worn out or damaged. There are a variety of fencing options available, and I’m not sure which ones to include. However, keep an open-minded mind and keep it maintained when required. For picking blueberries we built the trellis an easy access, as well as efficient control of birds and squirrels.

Tips for Netting Bonus are a way to help you stay safe from elements.

The fence works well for all animals. However, it may create problems for certain animals. My fence is pet-proof at the moment, but it’s not safe from climbing and flying animals like squirrels, birds, or Raccoons. To stop birds and squirrels from eating my blueberries and strawberries I put netting over the top this year. While it might seem daunting but it’s well worth it if you don’t have a lot to give away.

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