Where Should We Locate New Company Set Up Indonesia?

Nowadays, many people are probably wondering how they could go about the right company set up in Indonesia. One major concern about this is looking for the ideal Indonesia new company location. Realistically, the location of your new company can literally make or break its success. So how can you find the correct location for your new company?

Consider the Shareholders’ Nationalities First

This could be the most crucial element in the formation of company in Indonesia. This is because not all foreigners can adapt readily to the culture in just any location in the country. If your shareholders come from other nationalities, you have to check if the location you have in mind suits them.

Sometimes, it is the locals of that place who might be hostile to your shareholders. If so, prudence dictates that you should find a better location for your company in Indonesia. When you’ve found the perfect location, ask your co-shareholders to drop by for a visit. There’s nothing like actually immersing everyone to determine if it’s the right location for all the shareholders.

Examine the Rules, Regulations and Laws

You will definitely need to update yourself about the prevailing rules, regulations and laws when you are scouting for a business headquarters. One possible rule to look out for is the zoning regulations. Will the government allow you to set up a business there? Can you build your own office in the vicinity? Will the location be accessible from your present residence? Is there suitable mass transport in the area?

Check if Locals Speak the Same Indonesian Language As You Do

There are quite a lot of local languages in Indonesia (in addition to the lingua franca of Bahasa Indonesia). If you intend to do business in a particular location, check if the locals are skilled in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. They should be proficient in both since you might have to hire local talent to empower your business.

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