Why do you need a digital menu?

Post the outbreak of COVID-19, restaurant diners have become extremely cautious about hygiene. As customers prefer to go contactless, it’s high-time to replace the paper menus at your restaurant with digital menus. Let’s quickly go through the major reasons to replace the paper menus.  

Drawbacks of paper menus   

Dirty or unhygienic paper – As multiple diners use the same paper menu, it becomes dirty due to stains and water droplets. 

Missing real-time updates – There is no such option to provide real-time updates on the latest offerings or inform customers about the items that are not available.

Expensive and time-consuming – As the menu gets spoiled easily, restaurants need to print paper menu at least three times a year that adds on to your expenses. Moreover, it takes times as the print and the designs need to be modified according to the latest changes in the food offering.  

4 key benefits of digital menus

As customers have become choosier, they prefer to order food from the comfort of their home. With digital menus, customers can access the dishes at your restaurant by just scanning a QR code on their mobile phone. 

Make the menu more visually appealing – Customers find it more tempting when they can view the images and videos of the mouthwatering dishes. Leading restaurant management systems such as inresto DineIn has incorporated the feature of augmented reality, which makes the digital menu an irresistible experience. 

Saves time and money – Now you don’t have to go through the hassles associated with printing the paper menu. Digital menu lets you easily customise the menu, that too on a real time basis. The major benefit is that it brings down the labour and printing costs by 70%.

Offers smart recommendations to customers – With applications such as inresto DineIn, customers receive personalised recommendations based on their previous dining patterns. To add on, chef recommendations and bestselling dishes are also suggested as part of the digital menu offering. Customers are informed about the estimated wait times so they can plan their orders accordingly. 

Remove the non-performing items – Based on the insights provided by digital menus, you can easily infer which of the dishes are performing well. It also helps to determine and remove the non-performing items from the menus.

Parting words

Digital menu is the way going forward as it offers a contactless option for the customers to place dine in orders. The numerous benefits offered for restaurateurs makes it inevitable in managing your restaurant.

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