Win the 百家樂 game using the happy mind method

百家樂 is the competition between statistics and probability. Every player plays their must-win game to ensure a better winning rate. Many players in 百家樂 have their trust in Luzhu.

Luzhu when first stepped into the 百家樂 table, he was followed by many including the editor to figure out the playing method of such a renowned player. But 百家樂 or particularly any card game is not played on some particular pattern. It is an “in the moment” type game and the players have to react as per the situation. With experience, this ability to react towards a situation gets better and better and that is what makes a player legendary.

However, this ability to react spontaneously is directly linked to your mind and that is the topic that we are going to discuss here in this article. A happy mind is the first step towards any victory. So let’s dive deeper into this happy mind method of winning the 百家樂 game.

Happy mind method

The idea is quite simple. Not just in 百家樂 or any other card game, a happy mind helps you in any situation in your life. A happy and clear mind is the step that anyone should take to ensure their victory in any game. When you are happy, your mind is clear of all the doubtful and negative thoughts and your mind works more efficiently. Thus it amplifies your chances of performing better at any stage, in any task that you are facing. The same applies to a game of 百家樂. When you are sitting at a 百家樂 table, a happy and clear mind would let you analyze the situation in a better way and it will give you a clear understanding of what to do next. Thus you can take better decisions to ensure must-win gameplay.

Experts take on the happy mind method

To support our words on the happy mind method, research conducted by the psychology researchers at Harvard explains how happiness makes your brain work better. The research focused on the impact of happiness on our mind and it explains that rather than thinking of success as the source of happiness, one should think of happiness as the source to their success.

Particularly looking from the point of view of 百家樂 game, players might be thinking of winning a game and set it as a goal to achieve happiness. However, the equation is completely reversed. The researchers at Harvard say that the tendency to chase achievement to attain happiness seems a bit false-promising. Once you set success as your end goal to attain happiness, there implants a seed of doubts and worries that whether you would succeed or not. However, the lab-certified success theory is completely reversed to what most people think.

It’s not the success that gives you the happiness, it’s the happiness that leads to successful completion of any task and leads to achieving your goals. Your brain performs most efficiently when it is full of positive thoughts and there can’t be a better positive thought than being actually happy. A happy state of mind makes you creative and allows your brain to think out of the box. Thus while playing 百家樂 with a happy mind, one can think of moves that are beyond anyone’s reach. Players can predict the stats that are hard to analyze and thus a happy mind may result in the best results that one can’t even imagine.

Particularly talking about some numerical facts, the research at Harvard showed that hardly 25% of your actions are based on your IQ. The rest 75% relies on the state of your mind. Three-fourth of your actions depend on how your brain reacts, how you manage stress, and how it connects to other people.

How to shift your mind to a happy state?

Now that we have talked enough about the benefits of having a happy mind to win a game of 百家樂, some of you might be thinking that it is not always possible to stay happy before a game, so what should you do then. Another research will help you stay positive and happy to ensure better results. It’s the 21 days philosophy. According to research, it takes 21 days to make any habit. Thus the same applies to your mindset.

To apply the happy mind method on a 百家樂 table, the practice continued pessimism for 21 days straight without a break. Not only just in the game, whereas in other things as well. Focus on positive things and force yourself to stay positive and happy and surely the results will be on their way.


百家樂 is definitely a game based on statistics and probability, but sometimes psychology plays a more important role in various situations. Try this happy mind method for the next 21 days and success will surely knock on your door.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubts or suggestions please let us know in the comment section, we will be happy to reach out to our readers. For more information on 百家樂, visit us on our website.

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