Yard Signs: An Excellent Tool for Local Advertising

Today you get various alternatives to promote your business. From social media campaigns to TV commercials, the marketing options for your business are endless. Yet all of them do not have equal output. Some come with an expensive price tag. Others will reach your brand to your target audience but will consume much money, time, and patience to give you the desired result.

Thankfully, there are other tried-and-tested ways. All these problems can be solved if you choose one of the common advertising mediums like the yard signs. Read on to learn more about them and why we call them an effective ad strategy for your local business.

Yard signs target the actual customers

No one is stopping you from investing money in costly web ads or TV commercials. But remember one thing. Though the best staged online marketing plan will reach out to a considerably larger number of people, unfortunately, very few or none will become your clients.

For small local business owners, it’s crucial to spread the news of their existence. You need the local people to know about you and your whereabouts. The yard sign comes in here. Putting them up will let the nearby people know about you, and they will visit your business if they need your service or hop in to buy your products. Your valuable time, energy will be thus saved.


Radio or TV commercials, billboards, PPC social media ads consume a lot of investment from your end. Your small business may not have that amount of money stipulated for advertising. Moreover, many forms of advertising need investment at a definite interval of time for their renewal.

But by using a yard sign can gain unthinkable results. It will not cost you much to have them printed. They are a cost-effective way to promote your business locally. And the best thing is there are no extra recurring costs involved in using yard signs.

Spreads brand awareness

It’s advisable to use these signs in all the nearby places if, at present, you only own one or two business outlets. These signs will help you grow your brand identity, and the local people will be aware of your brand’s presence. Those who will drive by your business will come to know about you, and the word will spread all over the town.

Customer satisfaction

You will have customers of all ages. So, you cannot expect all of them to be tech-savvy and search about you on the internet. But by looking at your yard signs, the older customers will feel relieved and will know that they have come to the right place.

‘Rule of Seven’ marketing strategy

Studies show that potential customers need to be exposed to the signs at least seven times before the latter decides to go ahead with the purchase. The number seven is a symbolic representation. The theory states that a prospect needs to see or hear your advertisements many times before buying anything from you.


A well-designed yard sign can speak a lot about your company. So, if you are looking for an affordable and durable yet attractive promotional tool, keep yard signs as one of the options.

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