How Whole Body Vibration Gives You Beautiful Skin

We all dream of having flawless skin that needs not be covered up with layers of makeup. From trying out expensive products to grinding herbs yourself to creat your grandma’s famous skin cream, people go to extreme lengths to achieve radiant and youthful skin. 

However, check out Becky Chambers whole body vibration book, and you will find that there is an easy, safe, and extremely beneficial way to acquire the skin you dream of while at the same time achieving other benefits like toning and losing weight, and improving circulation. Ms Chambers, a natural health practitioner, author, teacher, and owner of Vibrant Health, has penned many books on the topic, sharing what she has learned and practiced so that more people can benefit from the incredible effects of whole-body vibration. 

What is Whole Body Vibration

Whole-body vibration is a non-invasive therapy that can work wonders for calming inflammation in the body. The vibration therapy is a natural healing process that can prevent the need for surgeries, narcotics, and other pharmaceuticals. It is a natural therapy that makes use of mechanical force to increase blood flow to parts of your body that are in need of healing and stimulation.

Injury or trauma can cause pain, limit movement, lead to inflammation, neuropathy, and re-injury. The vibration therapy uses high frequency low amplitude vibration that helps in relaxing the tightened tissues and restoring functionality. These vibrations are a safe way to treat patients who are suffering from chronic pain symptoms.

The vibration plate you stand on can be set to different frequencies, transmiting energy to your body and causing rapid muscle contraction and relaxation. You can stand, sit, or lie down on a whole-body vibration machine or platform. As these platforms vibrate, they transmit energy to your body that causes your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times within one second. This automatic tightening and relaxation of the muscle fibers is a workout for your muscles; holding exercise positions on the vibrating plate will cause your muscle to have to hold your body weight against the vibration, which will increase the workout effects, helping you burn calories and lose weight more quickly. 

The to and fro motion makes you feel like you are exerting yourself, but there won’t be the bodily stress that conventional exercise can cause. The increased blood flow and stretching effects also makes your joints more flexible.

The Effect On Your skin

As the vibration cause the muscles under your skin to contract and relax, they help increase blood circulation. Your heart pumps more blood, capillaries are enlarged, and more blood reaches all the  cells in your body bringing essential rejuvenating nutrients and oxygen to your skin and everywhere else in your body. WBV also increases lymph drainage, helping in the removal of waste in the blood and increasing the number of both red blood cells and white blood cells reaching your skin. Your color and skin tone will improve leaving your skin beautifully flawless, radiant, and clear. 

The vibrations also have an anti-aging effect that will let you flaunt age deceiving youthful skin. The process of aging causes the appearance of fine lines and the skin to lose its elasticity, making you look older than you really are. Instead of going for harmful and costly surgeries, you can benefit from this vibration therapy that increases the production of collagen, increasing and maintaining the elasticity and smoothness of your skin. 

The pumping motion and the improved blood flow also remove puffiness from your face as oxygen and nutrients reach every part of your skin. Excess build-up of fluid is also alleviated due to improved lymphatic drainage. 

Whole-body vibration has immense benefits for your body’s internal and external environment. If you have older people to care for, whole-body therapy can do wonders for keeping them healthy and in good shape. You can find out more about this incredible therapuetic system in Whole Body Vibration for Seniors by Becky Chambers, readily available on Amazon! 

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