Why offer a personalized key ring to your customers?

Communication through objects must be an integral part of a company’s strategy. It is also an essential promotional item to boost sales and attract prospects. The personalized key ring is one of the most common corporate gifts. For an optimal impact, it is necessary to focus on originality and practicality.

What are the advantages of personalized keyrings?

Finding an original gift to offer to customers, employees, and business partners can be a real headache. To hit the target, you have to opt for a practical, useful and unique object. Have you ever thought about personalized keychains? It is a light and compact product that will allow you to easily and effectively promote your brand, your products, and your services. Moreover, it is a timeless and essential gift for everyday life.

The personalized key ring is also a safe bet for your company because it is very appreciated by everyone (or almost). Besides that, it is useful. It, therefore, does not risk ending up in the trash. Production does not require a large investment. By ordering a large quantity, you can benefit from a preferential rate.

In addition, providers offer a wide variety of models to satisfy all tastes. You can find in the ranges of wooden, plastic, glass key rings… To seduce the target. Moreover, it is quite possible to modify each aspect to create an object in the image of your company. The customization techniques are also multiple to adapt to all budgets.

By offering a personalized key ring to your customers, they will keep a good memory of your brand or your box. Daily use allows at the same time to mark the spirits and to facilitate the memorization of your logo and possibly your slogan. And since the gift will accompany the recipient wherever he is, it can generate more visibility and convey a positive image of the company.

How can you create key rings that reflect your company?

It is very important to design a support corresponding to the image and the value of your company. First, the custom keychains can be made from different materials. The choice will have an impact on the price, the level of resistance, and the aesthetics. Plastic is cheap. However, it is sensitive to shocks and has a limited lifespan. This is also the case with the fabric.

More expensive, metal and leather are noble and elegant materials. They bring added value to the support. In addition, they can last over time even with intensive use. If you prefer to reflect an ecological image, bet on wooden supports (bamboo, pine, etc.) Or cork. These natural material goodies are very popular with the public.

Regarding the form, it is recommended to choose a style in harmony with your sector of activity. For example, if you are a wine producer, opt for a keychain that simulates the shape of one of your wine bottles. You are sure to surprise the target! On the other hand, if you are a construction company, bet on a construction helmet or a flagship tool of the trade. In any case, the possibilities are numerous. To stand out from the competition, you have to be imaginative.

The marking technique depends on the material of manufacture. On a small plastic surface, pad printing and screen printing are recommended. On the other hand, if you want to obtain a relief effect, it is better to turn to hot stamping or embossing. However, these methods are reserved for leather and imitation leather. Finally, to customize the metal, it is preferable to choose engraving or pad printing.

What are the other parameters to check?

The images and texts to customize are also an essential element. Since the marking surface is limited, it is, therefore, necessary to use simple and effective patterns. Besides the logo, you can add your slogan or a strong advertising message. Anyway, do not hesitate to play on the shapes and colors to obtain a better rendering.

The new generation key fobs come with many options to give them a modern and sophisticated look. The led key fob works with batteries or mini solar panels. It remains visible even in the dark. The reflective acrylic charm or reflector is also very successful since it allows you to signal the presence of a person in a dark place.

In addition, the bottle opener keychain is very practical. It will be of great use to those who regularly drink capsule drinks. There are also models equipped with more or less essential everyday tools: spirit level, tape measure, knife, tweezers… Do you want to convey a more modern image? Offer your customers a usb key holder. Mobile people will thus have all the documents they need at their fingertips.

For the locking system, you have the choice between three solutions. The ring provides precise locking and can be attached to another keychain or carabiner. The carabiner is less reliable but easier to handle. As for the onesie, it has a lever and a closing link which meet at a fixing point. It is the most fragile system.

What budget can we plan for the design of personalized key rings?

The customizable key ring is a versatile gift that can be given throughout the year, whatever the occasion. It is also very easy to find a model that perfectly meets the expectations of professionals and meets their financial means. In any case, the price will depend on the characteristics of the product. A simple and classic style can be accessible for less than a dollar. But for more sophisticated designs, you have to plan for a larger budget.

To get a clear idea of ​​the amount to be paid, it is wiser to request personalized quotes from different service providers. By playing in the competition, you can know the average price and find the best value for money. However, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, always request a sample before validating the order.

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