10 Woodworking tips & tricks for beginners

If you like carpentry and you are thinking of working with wood; do not miss the following tips and tricks. 

  1. Prevent two pieces of wood from separating when driving the nails

This is the carpenter’s trick, that two pieces of wood do not separate when driving the nails, instead of nailing them straight, it is better to nail them at an angle of 45º in this way the two pieces of wood will not separate.

  1. When laying wooden floors

When laying wooden floors, it is important to maintain the expansion joint, since the wood expands with the heat and if it does not have space, it presses, and in the end, it ends up rising.

  1. When cutting the wood

When cutting with the jigsaw, always start it before the blade touches the wood. If it touches the wood and we start the saw, the wood will split.

It is important, with the jigsaw, that we always have it well supported, in this way it will not vibrate and will allow us to make a clean cut on the wood.

  1. Avoid damaging the work table

When we work with a drill and wood, always remember safety so as not to damage the work table.

  1. Cleaning before painting the wood

Once a wooden surface has been sanded, remember to thoroughly clean the surface of dust and debris before painting.

  1. What type of wood is easier to work with?

Take into account the type of wood when working with it. There are woods that are easier to work with than others, for example, oak wood is very hard, and misuse of the tool with which we work can cause the finish to be undesirable.

  1. Apply primer on wood

The filler primer. It serves to cover the pore of the wood. The primer prevents paint sink and makes it easier for the varnish or paint to grip. It is a practical and basic product to do painting work on wood.

9- Varnish the wood

When varnishing or applying enamel to the wood, pay special attention to the edges, it is the most sensitive part of the wood and where there is more chance of water entering. Apply well to cover, cover the pore of the wood.

For the wood to last for a long time, maintenance is very important, sanding and applying varnish or paint from time to time so that the wood does not deteriorate.

If you have a project or need to repair something, you can hire a professional tømrer (Carpenter) a request a quote here at Jacobsens. 

All this information is very important when preparing a DIY work in wood. With these simple tricks, we are sure that you are going to achieve a perfect finish in all your work done with wood.

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