4 Key Features Of PDFBear To Split PDF Pages Conveniently

Making PDF files is an easy task, but putting details can be a hassle task. These details should be concrete, exact, or well-founded. We usually put an extra effort into providing information on our PDFs since most of these files will be presented in front of audiences. Each page on our PDFs should show essential details to make your paper more reliable. 

However, when you notice that your PDFs have unnecessary pages that should be addressed, the fastest solution you can use nowadays is by splitting these files through PDFBear. You can completely separate pages on your PDFs without any hassles on your part. PDFBear serves its users for free. This makes them more beneficial compared to other online tools. 

Key Features of PDFBear

PDFBear has vital features to help you split PDF file. These features use the most advanced technology nowadays for fast, secure, and reliable splitting procedures. Thus, if you are in a rush, PDFBear offers you a helping hand. Check out these key features of PDFBear that will surely give you a hundred more reasons why you should use the website. 

Split With Security

This is one of the significant benefits if you use the service of PDFBear. The security of your sensitive data is one of their top priorities. Suppose your PDFs have been appropriately split by the tool, and you have entirely erased unnecessary sections. In that case, you can upload the new version of your documents to your computer’s drive without even a single complexity. 

After one hour, the website will remove whatever PDFs you have submitted to their platform. It’s to make sure that no one can track your documents and have the desire to obtain and use them without your permission. Thus, rest assured that your identity will remain private. 

Split With Ease

Today, where most of us have a busy schedule, we don’t have time to be patient for a slow interface. We all need an immediate solution for your documents. When you use PDFBear, rest assured that you will experience the fastest process online as the site utilizes the most advanced technology to gratify its users. 

All you need to do is visit its official site and upload your PDFs to its splitting area. You can then choose whether to split the document into separate pages, erase those unnecessary pages, or manually select particular page numbers. Either of these two, PDFBear, will ensure that you can use their tool with ease. 

Easy Access

You can easily access the site and use the tool on any platforms or operating systems you prefer since PDFBear is a universal website. You don’t have to install any software just to get your documents split. You can directly visit the website and access it for free. Everything will be smooth as long as you have a stable WiFi or data connection. 

Cloud-based System

Splitting your PDF pages has been made easy with the website’s cloud technology. This will save your internal space. The whole process will take place on their cloud for easy and convenient access. 

How to split your PDF files?

The website’s PDF Split is the feature you need when you’ve come across a collection of files that aren’t meant to be together. With PDFBear, you can split your pages and save them to separate documents. How to use the tool? Check these out. We will guide you accordingly. 

  • Choose Your PDFs

Visit the website and select the files that you wish to split pages from. You can do this by pressing the “Select Files” button. You can also choose PDFs from your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts or drag these files directly to the toolbox. 

  • Choose The Pages

From your document, select the particular pages that you wish to split or extract. There are choices available on the site’s toolbox located on the upper part. Choose the appropriate option for your PDFs before you start the while splitting process. You can also add more PDFs during this stage. 

  • Refine The Pages

Once you have selected the pages, you wish to split, refine them and start exporting them to a new document. Click “Extract” to begin the process. Rest assured that it will be fast and smooth as long as you follow the right procedures. 

  • Download

Once completed, your newly updated PDF will be ready for you to download. Save them on your disc or your Dropbox and Google Drive for easy access. You can now use these files for whatever purposes you may have. 


Since you have already learned the key features of PDFBear and how to use its split PDF tool, this is the right time to use the website. If you have some PDFs on your device and want to split them instantly, upload them now to PDFBear’s toolbox for a fast and secure digital solution. 

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