4 Skateboard Games That Will Keep the Fun Quotient High

Whether you’re a street sports enthusiast or a Session fan, skateboarding rolls its way to the hearts of adventure seekers. With the wind sweeping across the face and a surge in adrenaline, skateboarding is a thrilling quest.

If you have been wondering about venturing out and letting the real-time fun begin with your friend with some simple tools like skateboard decks and a street, you can now make the most out of your rec-time with skating games.

Before You Begin the Games

No one can have enough entertainment when it comes to skateboarding. However, choosing the right deck with the proper size to meet your style must be your priority.

To find yourself a perfect deck, you need to consider:

  • Purpose: The board for kickflips will be different from the one for roaming around your town. Zeroing in on the functionality you want will be the scale behind your choice for one.
  • Size: Age, height, and shoe size are the usual primary standards behind the available options for your boards. You need to match your preference with the criteria for your skating needs.
  • Skateboard Decks: The durability of your skates will heavily rely on the material in the board. You need to be careful about choosing the sturdy option if flip tricks are in your mind.

What are the Real-Life Skateboard Games That You Can Play?

Skateboard games present to you the perfect outlet to strengthen your bonds with your playmates and keep the fun soaring higher.  Are you ready to play?

1. Game of Tricks

Player 1 will set the trick with this game, and the other person has to replicate the same. If the person fails to follow through on a set trick, they fail, and the letter T in TRICKS is assigned to them.

Whoever gets all the letters first loses the game.

Note: Usually, a game of tricks is best played with two skaters. Any more of the players can create confusion.

2. Battle of the Planes

If you found Game of Tricks challenging, you’re in for an intense ride.

Only flat surfaces can be your platform for the tricks in the battle. Any fall or landing on other surfaces will be a sure ground for disqualification. Whether you’re a street sports enthusiast or a £15 free bingo no deposit fan, skateboarding rolls its way to the hearts of adventure seekers. With the wind sweeping across the face and a surge in adrenaline, skateboarding is a thrilling quest.

Moreover, it’s a game of feet-off. Your entire body has to be on the deck, and no body part can touch the ground during any of your tricks.

You can even add a few of your own rules to make the game more interesting!

3. The Uphill Challenge

You can very well guess what the game will look like.

Let’s make it easier for you.

A ramp will be the hero during the game of the uphill challenge. All you have to do is pick up speed and rush towards the ramp. The higher you’ll shoot off at the end of it, the more difficult your score will be. And, the competition for the opposition!

4. The Downhill Drill

You need to get yourself a paved road with a decline during the downhill game. With a high momentum, you will move down the road. The speedier your skating, the higher the score.

Note: Since the games are equally thrilling and risky, you must exercise caution on the road with protective gear.

Other than being a game, skateboarding is a life teacher too. The sport helps you realize the importance of perseverance and uniqueness in the way you adapt and evolve. Skateboarding is the perfect blend of recreation and individuality.

With the list of games at your service, it’s sure that recreation is taken care of. You need to develop it with some real-time execution as far as individuality goes!

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